Thursday, September 3, 2015

The mom I am

The other day Allison wrote a really great post about the type of mom she thought she would be before having her adorable son and how she is since she's had him. It got my mind thinking about how I thought I would be as a mom and what has changed. I know I'm only 7.5 months into motherhood, but it's already taught me so much especially about myself.

Before having Amelia, I thought I would be super nervous, worried and uptight about everything related to her. Sure, I was super nervous when she was a newborn, but it's definitely lessened over time. That doesn't mean I don't worry (pretty sure every mother does!), but I am definitely more laid back then I thought I would be.

I never thought that I would be able to handle letting my child cry it out. While hearing her cry is not the easiest thing, it's been worth it to us. She is able to sooth herself back to sleep and bedtime/naptime is no longer a long battle. But that also doesn't mean that I let her cry forever. Sometimes she just needs one more cuddle before going to sleep for the night.

I never thought that I would be still breastfeeding 7.5 months later. It was tough in the beginning, but it's been worth it when I see her growing just from my milk.

I never thought that I would no longer have any shame. Once a bunch of doctors and nurses have seen your vagina multiple times, there is no shame. 

I thought that I would put a little more effort into getting dressed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in pjs all day everyday, but if we are hanging out at home for the day, it's yoga pants and tank tops.

I thought that I would do more reading about milestones and developments. I haven't read any books, but do check The Wonder Weeks app every now and then as I find it super helpful. 

I thought I would be more worried about germs and dirt. Then I realized that with a big hairy dog in the house, it's pretty hard to prevent her from eating dog hair from time to time. 

I thought that my patience level might be better. I will admit that I have terrible patience with things that frustrate me or if I am super tired. I've at least realized when I need a time out from being a mom when my patience level is low so I can recharge and come back as a better mom with more patience. 

Tell me: are you the kind of mom you thought you would be? If you are not a mom, what do you think you will be like?


  1. I didn't think I'd be a stay-at-home-mom, but here I am and I'm glad this is how things turned out! I feel so horribly for the moms who have to go back to work after only being able to bond with their baby for a couple of months.

    And I hear yah about the no shame. Childbirth tosses it all out the window for you!

  2. I love all of the photos in this post! I like reading posts like this because motherhood is so different from person to person. As I have watched my friends become moms, it has made me realize that as much as you think you will or won't do a certain thing as a mom, you won't really know until you have kids. I think I will probably be less patient than I would like to be because that's just how I am in general but I hope I won't be uptight. I hope I am able to breastfeed for a year but who knows if that will work out or not. I think I will be a let the baby cry it out type. Guess I will have to wait and see!

  3. I love this post. You may have inspired me to do my own :) I am definitely not the type of mother I thought I would be, but at the same time, i'm not surprised that I am the mom I am. Germs don't bother me, I am not really nervous about anything and I'm still breastfeeding 18 months later (I wasn't sure we'd make it 6 months at the beginning!). I also don't read up on any milestones except for the wonder weeks app. Love these two photos of you and Amelia!

  4. Love this! It's so amazing how much our expectations change pre and post baby. I think my bit realization was just how much I love her. Like I knew I would love her before I had her (and I already did to an extent) but its just so different now. Does that make sense? Like she is just my sun. I always thought I'd want to go back to work and here I am dreading it and it is still 5 months away!

  5. I thought I would be super regimented. I'm a lot more laid back...except for our morning routine ahha

  6. I really have NO clue what I will be like as a mom!! So hard to say. I've had friends say the same thing about the cry it out method. People can judge all they want but when it comes to you and your baby getting some much needed rest it sounds like it's totally worth it!

    I hope I am not super anxious as a mom like my mom is. I don't think I will be but then again you just never know what that kind of experience will bring out in you!

  7. Same as Brie, I love this and may have to steal this idea for my own post!

    It's funny how we have an idea of what kind of mom we think we will be and reality really changes it.

  8. I have some friends with kids that have no shame too. I was telling them about getting bikini line laser hair removal, and they were like, "Oh, I'd just get the Brazilian." I told them I'd never let someone go to town down there with a laser. They are like, "have a baby and you will not care." hahaha

    I like this yoga pants and tank tops all day idea! :-)

  9. This is a GREAT post!

    I thought I would never be able to be a stay-at-home mom, but my maternity proved that I would love to do just that. (It made going back to work extra hard!) I don't read a lot either! I just talk to people and sometimes Google things but the downtime I do have (ha!) I want to read things for fun, ya know?

  10. I love that photo. Oh I am SO different. I would have to sit and think more though. :) I am way more relaxed then I thought I would be and I don't read anything either, hardly did when I was pregnant too which I thought I would read every parenting book out there!

  11. I loved reading this. It's so neat to see how different we all are as Moms! You are doing great. :)



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