Thursday, September 10, 2015

Three Things Thursday

One day closer to the weekend everyone! We can do it. Just a few fun questions for your Thursday.

{one} are you a scruncher or folder? If you don't know what I mean by this, we can't be friends ;)

{two} would you want to go to jail for a day just to see what it would be like?

{three} have you ever trimmed your own or dyed it and had it go terribly wrong?

Let's hear your answers!


  1. ha ha ha ha LOVE your first question. Totally a folder!

  2. 1. Most definitely a folder,!
    2. If it's just for a day, surrre, why not!? Although I wouldn't want the other inmates to know so they don't have a reason to shank me.
    3. A friend helped me dye my hair and because I piled all my hair on the top of my head to set my hair ended up being super saturated with colour on top. Ugh.

  3. 1) IDK- Can we still be friends?
    2) I spent 24 hours in federal jail for a story once. I'm okay never going back
    3) UGH! So many times. My worst was when I decided to dye my hair blonde and it turned out orange-- like BRIGHT orange!

  4. 1. a folder but sometimes I rip first, in nice strips
    2. Uummm I'm not sure, maybe I could just tour one, I don't think I would want to experience it
    3. I never touch my own hair...I did have a friend do a dye job once and her words exactly when it was done, before she would let me see it was "you like red right? like convertible red"? Thankfully, the brightness came out relatively quick. Another time I went to a hairdresser and she ended up doing a horrible job and dying my hair ORANGE, like burnt orange and wouldn't do anything about yea...I still hold a grudge against her. I did however cut Maddy's hair once and NEVER looked horrible, right on time for Easter

  5. 1. Ok I was pretty sure I knew what you were talking about, until I read the above commenters answer (strips?!). Haha, I'm a folder.
    2. I would, but only if I could use my own private washroom.
    3. Yes, too many times. I once tried to dye my hair dark brown from very blonde and that's harder to do than you would think! It turned out like a soccer ball, with big orange patches lol. I had to go back to the store and get black dye to ensure it covered over everything. And then of course I hated it.

  6. 1. I wasn't sure what you meant by this until I read the comments! I am a folder! I do not like to crumple things, not even garbage!
    2. Nope, no thank you!
    3. I actually have not ever died or cut my own hair! I'm just too nervous I would mess it up!

  7. FOLDER. OF course.
    Yeah, no!
    Way too many times!!!

  8. Folder!
    I would like to visit a prison, but not be in jail myself.
    YES. I once exclusively box dyed my hair and wanted to do dark brown with purple chunks on each side. It turned out fire engine red with hot pink. So brutal but I ended up just embracing it until I could redo it. I think I have a pic of that kicking around somewhere.

  9. Folder
    Once in high school I cut my own hair late at night to avoid studying for some big AP exam. Smart move I'm sure. ;) But it turned out okay despite the fact that I cut off like 3-4 inches!!

  10. Folder. Neat origami to add some variety. Unless I'm in a rush. Less said the better, maybe.
    I trim my own. Buzz. Can't go wrong. Except, well, that one time the little trimmer thingie fell off and I was already committed to that particular pass. Nobody noticed.

  11. I didn't know what you meant by #1 until reading the comments either! I think I'm a bit of both, it depends what it is. Example, yesterday I neatly folded clean clothes in my gym bag to put on after my workout but just shoved my sweaty gym clothes in the gym bag when I was done :) And I always scrunch up stuff that goes in the garbage.



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