Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three things Thursday

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on our pictures yesterday. I love how they turned out and can't wait to get them printed! Okay, onto the three questions for today:

{one} would you rather have someone do your hair or make up every morning?

{two} what is your favourite Halloween candy?

{three} what was your favourite Halloween costume or most memorable one?


  1. 1) Hair all the way...I love leaving the hairdressers and how nice my hair looks and pretty much every.single.time, I tell her, I wish I had you every morning!
    2) I don't really have a favourite Halloween candy...I like anything LOL - mini chocolate bars would be the top though! I hate the candy kisses!
    3) I seriously don't have memories of my Halloween costumes...I remember I went as a purple crayon once, that I made myself...I was proud of it!

  2. Hair all the way!! Kraft caramel squares are one of my favs that only seem to make an appearance around Halloween. Most memorable...probably the year I went as a pregnant cheerleader lol!

  3. 1) hair! feels so much better
    2) reeses pb cups
    3) i was thing 1 in 8th grade and my best friend at the tim was thing 2. we found adult sized red onesies and spiked some blue clown wigs with hairspray

  4. 1. Hair! I am so bad at doing my hair, and it ends up in a bun pretty much every day.
    2. Anything peanut butter....and candy corn.
    3. I was Mario from the Super Mario Brothers one year. My friend was Luigi. It was hysterical.

  5. Hmmm everyday, hair with the occasional makeup for special occasions.
    Nibs, Twizzlers, and most chocolate!
    The ballerina pig the my mom made when I was a kid. That thing was so ridiculous.

  6. 1 - make up
    2 - kit kat
    3 - jolly green giant costume that my mom made (appropriate for me eh). I actually wore it again a few years ago with some modifications haha

  7. 1) I'd love someone to do my hair every morning for me, especially since it's falling out in clumps right now and the only thing I'm managing is a ponytail.
    2) 3 Musketeers! I wish they were more popular in Canada. SO GOOD.
    3) My mom made me a mermaid costume and it was the best ever. My seashell "bra" was sewn onto a white turtleneck, haha.

  8. HAIR {without a doubt!} I HATE doing my hair {which is why I almost never do!} ;)

  9. 1. Definitely my hair. I am terrible at doing my own hair.
    2. Peanut Butter cups!!
    3. My mom made me a clown costume. Sweet idea in theory, awkward in practice.

  10. 1. Can I pick hair, but Maybe only 2-3 days a week? I don't know how I'd feel about welcoming someone into my house at the crack of dawn every single day, haha. And driving out to the salon would be a hassle.

    2. Those white candy sticks ("cigarettes" I guess?)! Also love mini chocolate bars.

    3. Definitely last year when my husband and I went out with our one-week old daughter dressed as UPS delivery people and she was in a cardboard box full of packing peanuts marked fragile/special delivery. I still get compliments about it from people from town!

  11. Hmmmm...
    1. I will have to say make up.
    2. PB cups and those halloween molasses kisses.
    3. I was a bunch of grapes once. Think lots of balloons. ;)

  12. Definitely my hair!

    Mini chocolate bars! Little Mars bars are my favourite.

    My grandma made me some pretty epic halloween costumes as a kid and teenager. One of my favourite ones she made me was an awesome 20's flapper girl costume I wore when I was 16 or 17!



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