Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy 29th birthday Leigh!

I'm not going to say much today as I'll let Mr.D do all the talking! You can find his previous birthday posts here:

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Another year has past, and this year not much has happened at all in our lives...... well nothing except our lives changing as we know it!

Our gift came to us on January 17th, and I've never been so unprepared for a present in my life.
Those first couple of months seemed to just fly by. Between getting up multiple times a night for feedings, cry-eat-sleep cycles, and a general feel of anxiety that we were doing everything wrong, I have a hard time pinpointing exactly when certain events were taking place. Lucky for me I have a wife who is excellent at documenting these important events, so I can look back on them afterwards and say "Oh yeah, I remember that".

Leigh took to motherhood like a fish to water (she may say differently, but through my eyes she is a natural). The bond between mother and daughter was instant.
She was our tiny little life that we were now responsible. I know many of you who read this blog are parents, so you know the love and attachment you feel for your kids, but I was not prepared for the emotional reaction I would feel anytime Amelia would look into my eyes.
I had to go back to work and leave Leigh at home with Amelia. I had it easy. At work, I get breaks. Multiple breaks every day. Leigh doesn't get breaks. She works from the moment I leave for work until I come home. Even when I get home she needs to work, whether to make dinner or finish laundry or just clean the house, Leigh works from 7:00am to 7:00pm. I don't know how she does it. I don't know where she gets the energy from. All I know is that she is a champ. She is a better person than me, and I love and appreciate her for it.

Spring quickly came, and if you readers didn't know, I love to mountain bike. I knew that now with Amelia here that I wouldn't be putting rubber to dirt as much as I have in previous years, but once again Leigh really came through and would let me have hours almost every weekend to keep bombing down the mountains.

Amelia kept growing like a weed, and it was amazing to see her cognitive development. Learning to hold things in her hand, trying new food, each new experience rewarded Leigh and I with some amazing facial expressions.
The summer was absolutely gorgeous, and it afforded us the opportunity to visit Leigh's family in Ontario, and that also means family babysitting!! Leigh and I hadn't had a lot of time to ourselves since Amelia was born, so we took advantage of some evenings by ourselves.

Summer blended into fall, and Amelia is becoming more interested in the things that are happening around them, which means she needs more stimulation. We continue to be amazed with her development, and frustrated by her unreasonable whining and crying. Leigh has developed some pretty amazing patience with Amelia, and I am so proud of how she has developed into a loving understanding mother. I love to see the way Leigh and Amelia grow closer and closer to each other every day.

I love you Leigh, happy birthday.

Mr. D

P.S. bonus photo of what I thought parenting would be like BEFORE Leigh got pregnant.


  1. Great post! He loves you! Happy Birthday!!

  2. As always a great post B! Loved it. SO true. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEIGH!!! You are one special lady!! xo

  3. Wow!!! Such a beautiful post - amazing catch you got there ;) Happy Birthday!

  4. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday!!! :)

  5. Great post as usual :) Such a huge year for you Leigh, wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

  6. I love reading these posts every year. You are lucky to have Leigh but she is lucky to have you. I am sure these posts mean more to her than any gift you could give her. Happy birthday, Leigh! I hope you have a day that is as special as you are!!

  7. Love this post. Happy birthday Leigh!!!!!! have a wonderful day :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Leigh! What a great post from Mr D. You are such a great Mom, and deserve the best birthday!! :)

  9. So sweet. Happy birthday! <3

  10. Great post, what a wonderful husband and father. Happy Birthday Leigh! Have a great time celebrating with your beautiful family.

  11. Awww these posts are so sweet!! Happy Birthday!!! xo

  12. Happy Birthday Leigh!! I always look forward to Mr. D's birthday posts! What a great year it has been for both of you!

  13. Happy birthday Leigh!!! Love the post! I didn't know you brought the dog down to Ontario too!!

  14. I love that he does these for you!! Happy Birthday Leigh! you are an amazing mother and Amelia and Mr. D are lucky to have you (and vice versa!) Enjoy your day!! xxx

  15. What a cute post! Happy Birthday Leigh! I can't believe how fast Amelia is growing up! You guys have done a great job and it's really fun hearing Mr. D's side of the story!

  16. Happy birthday Leigh! You are a wonderful mother, that is evident in everything you post, and I'm glad we are friends :)

    1. (I re-read this and it makes it look like I thought you posted this post - haha I think its so cool Brian writes you a post each year for your birthday!)

  17. Ah, I so love Brian's birthday posts. They are so sweet. And that last picture... classic. And it's so nice to hear the husbands talk so great about their wives and the hard work of being a mother. Amelia seems to be doing great and is such a cutie.

  18. Every year I kind of forget about Mr. D's birthday post and then I get the wonderful surprise of reading it and being like "oh yaaaa, these are my favourite posts ever!" and this one was no exception!! It's been so fun to read them year after year as the two of you go through so many life changes together!

    Hope you had a great birthday Leigh! xoxo



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