Thursday, October 15, 2015

Body & mind after baby: nine month update

You can find my previous updates here:

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Let's not talk about how Amelia is almost 9 months old and how my maternity leave is almost over :(

Body update

Not much has changed from my six month update in terms of my weight. It tends to fluctuate to 1-2lbs over or under my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm still keeping pretty active in the form of walking, running, 21 day fix and at home workouts. 

Still not enjoying shopping for clothes, but hopefully that changes one day. 

I think the biggest change was that my period returned right around 8 months post partum out of no where. I was so not excited for it to return, but Amelia had started to feed less from me and was eating more food so I wasn't too surprised. Since that period, I haven't had it again. How long does it take for it to become regular again?

Mind update 

The past three months have had some highs and lows when it comes to parenting. Amelia went through another leap combined with teething, which left her having terrible naps during the day. Terrible naps = a massively grumpy Amelia = a tired and grumpy Leigh. I will admit that I lost my patience more than once with the amount of whining that was going on, but we made it through. 

The biggest thing that has helped is Mr.D forcing me out of the house once a week after dinner while he does bedtime with Amelia. There are weeks where I don't have anything to do, so I wonder in the mall or a store, but it's been good. Even those couple of hours once a week make a big difference!

We've also settled into a nice routine lately and have been keeping busy with aquasize and getting together with friends. It helps makes the days go by quicker as I'm not always sure how to entertain her all day long!


  1. Sam is over 18 months old and my period still isn't regular. I was done nursing after Sam turned 1 year, my period came again with a vengeance but it has been sporadic ever since. I'm being told that it's our hormones getting back on track and becoming regular. Once they become balanced so will our schedules.

  2. Ugh, NOT looking forward to the return of the period :(

  3. I only got mine once after my first {about 6 months after she was born} but I was pregnant again when she was 8 months, so it's hard to tell. I got an IUD after my second, so I don't really know about that either.

  4. My period did not return until 13 months pp & was regular after that so I am no help there! I think it is normal for it to be random if you are still nursing. I was almost 3 months weaned when mine came back.
    I think it is great M.D forces you out! It can be hard to stay at home all day with a baby, cranky or not! It was really hard on me, especially when the weather got cooler.

  5. My period didn't come back until after Sully was a year and I think it took a couple cycles to become more "regular", although my periods are way heavier and last longer now than they did pre-baby :(

    We should go to a movie on one of your free nights! I'm dying to see a movie in the theatre lol.

  6. Mine came back early like 3 months after having Noah! It took a few cycles to regulate, as your hormones are going crazy, but I think by 6 months it had worked itself out. Glad you are getting some time. Away, it def. helps keep the sanity, especially after trying days!! I find I need time away now more with a toddler than I did with a baby, if that's any indication of what's to come! But our worst part of the day is between 4-6 or until M gets home!

  7. Mine came back fairly regular I think but much heavier. Boo.

    It's so great that you have that time away. It's definitely ok to lose your patience once in awhile, it happens to us all. You're doing a great job! <3

  8. Ok I'm not going to whine for too long about how jealous I am that you get so much maternity leave in Canada... But seriously, SO jealous!
    My period came back right around 8-9 months as well. The first month was long (maybe 6-7 weeks) and after that was regular again.

  9. I did not realize it took so long to get your period back and that it would not be regular when it returned. So interesting! I am glad you guys are finding a rhythm. I can't believe that Amelia is 9 months already and that your mat leave is coming to an end!!

  10. My period didn't come back for a long time... I think it was when London was about 15 or 16 months. It was fairly regularly after that.

    I'm still so impressed your husband kicks you out, once a week, as I think that's sooo good for you (and him and Amelia!!!!)

  11. Let me know if you ever want to go for tea, run, yoga, window shopping or whatever one evening!

    My period came back after 11m with Audrey (not weaned) and I only had 2 cycles before I was PG again. Then time it came back after 13m (not fully weaned either) and it's been between 30-45 day cycles. Not totally regular but not too too sporadic like I had in the past. I would not have been impressed if I got it back so soon while still nursing!

  12. I can't believe Amelia is 9 months old. So crazy!!! That's so great that one night a week you have on your own has been so good for you!

  13. My period came back at 3 months PP. THE WORST. Because I track when I get it I was able to look back and I got it exactly 1 year after my last period. Like to the date. So I was without period for 365 days. I was hoping for longer.. especially because I was still feeding at night when it came back. So far I've had 4 cycles - BOOOO. They are pretty far apart still, anywhere from 40-50 days.



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