Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day in the life: fall 2015

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I meant to record this last week, but totally forgot! I didn't want to miss out on linking up with Julia this time around. 


I am almost 29 years old (birthday is just under two weeks away), Mr.D is 32 and Amelia is almost 9 months old (she turns 9 months old in 3 days).

I wake up to Amelia crying because she is stuck at the end of the crib. I get up to move her and decide to give her a quick feed (she has been getting up around 5am to have a feed lately). Put her back in her crib and she falls back asleep.

She is awake for the day, so Mr.D goes to get her and takes her downstairs and feeds Harley. I go back to sleep.

Amelia is fussy and Mr.D has to get ready for work, so he brings her upstairs to me. I feed her and then we hang out in bed for a bit.

We head into the nursery so I can pump (so ready to be done pumping!) while Amelia plays on the floor. 

After watching Mr.D get ready for work (Amelia loves to do this), we head downstairs and I put Amelia in her highchair where she is entertained by some Cheerios. I freeze the breastmilk I pumped and then wash the bottles/pump parts. I get myself a bowl of cereal and yogurt, and feed Amelia some breakfast of apples/pears/bananas and some rice cereal. Mr.D leaves for work during this time, so we say goodbye and have a good day :)

After cleaning up, we head to the basement to play with some toys and watch cartoons (usually watch Arthur in the morning- what the heck are they supposed to be?!). I also pack up our bag for aquasize during this time as well. 

We head upstairs to change Amelia's diaper, read two books and put her down for a nap.

She is down for the count, so I go lay in bed and end up falling asleep for close to 30 minutes. I tell myself to be productive during this time, but napping always wins ;)

Amelia wakes up, so I go get her from her crib to feed/change her diaper/dress her for the day. I get myself ready and we head out for a run with Harley.

It was a gorgeous day out, so we stopped at the park near the end of our run so Amelia could go on the swings. She loved it! Once we get home, I chug some water and try and feed Amelia lunch (sweet potato and apple/kale/spinach). She was having none of it, so I let her play with the spoon while making myself a sandwich. 

I'm done lunch, so I clean up Amelia's highchair and then we head back to the basement to play and throw Harley's toy for him. 

I give Amelia a quick feed before changing her diaper, reading her a book and putting her down for a nap.

Amelia is fast asleep, so I decide to lay in bed and read my book. I also text with a couple friends during this time as well. 

We have aquasizeat 2:30pm, so I make Amelia a small bottle before going in to wake her up. I don't like waking her up, but we won't make it on time otherwise. She chugs the bottle down, and then we give Harley treats and head out the door to the pool.

Aquasize is done, so we head out. Amelia is pretty happy, so I decide to make a quick stop at Shoppers Drug Mart to look for a specific hair product. No luck, so we head home. 

We arrive home, let Harley out for a pee and stick Amelia in her highchair. She eats her leftover lunch and some plain Cheerios. I snack on hummus and crackers as I was starving!

I put Amelia down for her last nap of the day and browse social media.

She is asleep after fighting it, so I quickly jump in the shower as I stink like chlorine. 

Mr.D gets home from work/stopping at Costco and Amelia wakes up. I grab her from her crib while Mr.D starts dinner (we had a delicious quiche this night). After feeding Amelia, I play with her on the floor.

Dinner is in the oven, so Mr.D heads out for a short run. Amelia and I head downstairs to play and watch some PRV'd shows. We also Skyped with my mom. Mr.D gets home and takes Amelia.

I quickly eat dinner while Mr.D takes Amelia upstairs to start her bath. 

After making Amelia's bottle, I head upstairs to get her pjs/diaper/cream ready for after the bath. I go into the bathroom and Amelia is loving bath time today, so we let her hang out in there for longer than usual. Once she is done her bath, it's time for pjs and her bottle. While I do this, Mr.D eats dinner and has a shower.

Amelia is down for the night, but letting out a few whimpers here and there. I finish up the dishes from dinner and head to the basement to start typing up this post while watching TV (The Blacklist and The Big Bang Theory). Comment on a few blogs as well.

My hair is dry, so I flat iron it so it's not crazy tomorrow. Watch a bit more tv before heading up to bed to read.

Lights out!

Phew! I think that about covers it!

Tell me: what is your typical day like?


  1. I hated pumping and it stressed me out! I think it was 9 months when I quit and we switched dream feeds to formula. BEST decision ever!
    I am glad we are not the only ones at eat at 6:30pm!

  2. You are so good with pumping. I hated it and will try and do it again so I have bottles J can give it to him but I am dreading it for sure! Especially with Delainey, I will be nursing enough as it is! Which pump do you use? Does your hair stay flat overnight? That's impressive if it does!

  3. Oh my goodness, This is such a good reminder/flashback to what life is like with a baby vs a toddler. How did I forget about pumping?!? Ugh. I think I stopped at 10 months.
    Seriously, Arthur - What are they??? No idea.

  4. You're busy!! I wasn't able to pump with London so I was nursing the whole time. While it may it tough, sometimes, I liked not having to worry about washing bottles or pump parts. Good for you for keep up with it!

    Arthur LOL.. I used to watch that show! I think they're aardvarks??

  5. Haha, Arthur is an Aardvark! ;) I loved that show when I was growing up lol. Ugh, I don't miss pumping either! Although it was very time consuming for me. When will you pump till? You must have quite the stash I'm thinking! You guys are so active! Running AND aqua size! Impressive ;)

  6. I love these posts!! Totally impressed your hair stays nice over night. Mine gets crazy especially the new post-baby hairs. The stick up everywhere!

  7. I so wanted to do a ditl this time, but I just don't think I can fit it in!!! :( These are my FAVORITE posts to go back & look at!

  8. That is a busy day! My days usually start when I wake up at 5:30 or 6. I go to work at 7 of 7:30 depending on the day and go home around 4. Most nights I work out after work and then we make dinner or have leftovers and I usually read in the evening and try to be in bed by 10.

  9. That is a good idea to flat iron it, although I end up tying my hair up at night, so I would still end up with a kink, but I could easily fix that in the morning!! I do not look forward to pumping one bit!! I had no supply with Noah, so it seemed pointless only getting an ounce or two, but I did it and I will likely do it again with this next baby if I can find the time!!

  10. Whew, that seems tiring! It seems like you are up and down a lot and all the meals are "quick"! Is it nearly time for you to go back to work? I seem to remember you saying you had a year off. Also, how much longer will you have to pump for? It sounds like Amelia is eating a lot of solid food, which I assume is a good thing!

  11. Wow what a busy day! I don't blame you for napping after that early wake up!! My days start around 5:30 - 6:30am depending on if I'm running that morning or not. I like to be productive in the mornings so usually do a load of laundry, stack the dishwasher etc. before heading off to work at about 8:20am. Some mornings, like today, I don't have a shower so I have more time to read and comment on blogs :)



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