Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

I think I might still be full from all of the good eating this weekend! I'm not complaining...I ate so much stuffing and it was awesome!

{friday} during the day, Amelia and I ran a few errands. Mr.D went biking with some co-workers after work, so it was just the two of the us for the evening and bedtime. Oh man, those were a longest couple of hours! Amelia had a two hour nap in the afternoon and woke up so grumpy from it and nothing was making her happy. She ended up going to bed early and I sat on the couch eating chocolate covered almonds to recover, haha.

{saturday} we got up in the morning, packed up the SUV and made the drive to Edmonton for Thanksgiving with Mr.D's family. We got there around lunch time and quickly went to take some pictures for our Christmas card as it was an absolutely gorgeous day! I think it ended up being around 22C, which is crazy for October.  

We headed back to my in-laws house so Amelia could have a nap. Mr.D and his dad headed out for a long motorcycle ride, so I took Harley for a run in the river valley while Amelia and my MIL hung out. We ended up having a weenie roast in the backyard and hung out the rest of the night.

{sunday} Amelia had a super rough sleep (we share a room with her and Harley at my in-laws), which lead to two tired parents. The day was absolutely miserable out too...raining and super windy. We spent the morning helping my MIL prepare for dinner until my BIL, SIL and three nieces came over. It's fun to watch all of the girls together and Amelia start to interact with them!  We had an amazing and delicious dinner. Amelia was super grumpy all afternoon and evening, so we decided to pack everything up and head home that night instead in hopes she would have a better sleep at home. That girl loves her own crib and room, which makes it hard to travel. We ended up getting home around 10:30pm and went straight to bed.

2014 vs 2015

{monday} Mr.D was off, and he let me have a sleep in. I also took an amazing nap when Amelia had her morning nap! Once we were up and moving, we headed out to CrossIron Mills as we needed a few things. Oh man, it was so crazy busy there! The rest of the day was spent taking Harley for a walk and getting groceries.  

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Ah, I still need to get a good photo for our christmas cards! Crap.
    We went to Crossiron on Saturday and it was painfully busy.
    I've yet to be able to sleep in because Wes does boob in the AM.

  2. I can't wait to see what your Christmas card ends up like!! Love that plaid shirt.
    Too bad little miss had a rough weekend in the sleep department.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend despite the sleep issues. No fun. It is hard to share a room for sure. Such great photos for the your xmas card!

  4. I can't wait to see your Christmas card pictures! I bet they turned out great! Also, that red flannel shirt looks so good on you! You look great in red!!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend, aside from the sleep issues which do NOT sound fun at all. :( My weekend was great as we had Julia Child Night! It was so much fun and the food was so good! The best part was spending time with my family, though!

  5. We drove up to Edmonton Saturday morning too! What a beautiful day it was...I was so sad when we woke up Sunday to the cold and rain, and also kicking myself I didn't take any pictures on Saturday :( Sucks you had to head home early tho...nothing like you're own bed tho! ;)

  6. Wow...the last photo is just beautiful!!! Makes me want to go to Canada! LOVE!

  7. Love all the photos, the leaves are so awesome...or were before that wind!
    I was never a fan of over night trips with baby, I also hated packing all the things!

  8. Boo to grumpy babies! I guess they can't be happy all the time!! Lol. Rough sleep is also no fun! Noah doesn't do well sleeping anywhere but home either! Your Christmas cards should turn out well!!

  9. Little ones sure familiarity and routine. The last time we travelled with Swede (in May) I swore we'd never leave home again until she's like... 10.
    Love the 2014 vs 2015 photos! And the adorable cousins!

  10. I LOVE your plaid shirt!! Did you wear that in the photos? I can't wait to see them! Such a gorgeous family!!

  11. Love the side by side photos of this year and last year! So amazing all the changes that can happen in a year hey! So fun that Amelia has so many cousins to grow up with!!



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