Friday, October 23, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! It's been a gorgeous week here weather wise...I'm talking going for walks in capris and t-shirts. I'm not ready for winter at all!

The high of my week was having my mom come to visit on Wednesday night! She is here until Monday night. It was also wonderful having my hair done on Monday night Amelia has also figured out how to sit up really well and army crawl this week as well. It's been fun to watch her learn this, but also leads to...

The low of my week was Amelia fighting her naps on Thursday because she figured out how to sit up and pull up in the crib! I quickly lowered her crib mattress that day, but oh man naps were not fun.

The best money I spent was on some new shampoo/conditioner from Costco. Once again, my life is exciting ;)

The book I read was none this week. I fell out of the book reading groove this week.

The meals we had were:
When my cousin was here on the weekend, I also made jalapeno popper stuffed chicken with baby potatoes and stir fry veggies. I also made apple crisp (from Iowa Girl Eats yet again!)....both were pretty delicious!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm a huge fan of those clubhouse burgers- will have to check out the other recipes

  2. YAY for your Mom being in town! Have a great weekend with her! PS. You photos aren't working...maybe it's me. ;) what kind of shampoo? Good?

  3. I must be hungry because all of those meals sound fantastic! Hope you have a great weekend with your mom!
    (and your photos aren't working for me either).

  4. Have a great weekend with your Mom! I remember when A would pull herself up in the crib and yank down her monitor, silly kids!

  5. Jalapeno popper chicken sounds good! I like to do a jalapeno popper grilled cheese.
    I'm actually in search of a new shampoo/conditioner... I don't like the one I'm using now - Suggestions welcome! [As you know, my life is pretty darn exciting too!]

  6. I just assumed there were no pictures in this post...but I see everyone else's comments so...

    The lettuce wraps were good hey?! I want to try the turkey clubs now, yum! What kind of shampoo did you buy?

  7. Have fun with your Mom! Happy Weekend!! :)

  8. That's awesome your mom is down!! I remember when Noah learned to sit up, naptime did become difficult, but it will become less exciting!! Hang on Mama!! Have a great weekend!!

  9. I love Jalepeno poppers so I am sure I would love that chicken recipe! Anything with jalepenos and cheese is good in my book! I really like canning and pickling and one of my favorites, and a super easy recipe, is pickled jalepenos. I made a bunch with my friend a couple of weeks ago and have already eaten a whole jar!

  10. Yum! You made some really yummy food last week! I have been traveling so much lately so haven't been cooking much but look forward to getting back on track in November. Have fun with your mom!!!

  11. Yay for having your mom in town...that's the best!

  12. I'm happy your mom is here!! Have a great birthday and yay for new hair products!

  13. I vote we don't get winter this year!

    So nice your mom is in town visiting!

    Those recipes sound good! Will have to try them. I'm so bored of food lately...

    That's awesome that Amelia has had such a big milestone week- annoying about the naps though! I remember when that happened with Audrey and it was so frustrating! Hopefully sitting in her crib won't be so exciting anymore and she will go back to napping better.

    What shampoo/conditioner did you get?



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