Thursday, October 8, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Man, my motivation and ideas of what to blog about are very lacking lately! Anyone have any ideas of posts that you'd like to see from me? I'm not very interesting, but I could try :)

I've got three random things for you today:

{one} yesterday afternoon I was out for a walk with Harley and Amelia. We were waiting at a crosswalk (not with lights) and a vehicle stopped for us but the person behind them did not see in time. Crash! Luckily both people in the vehicles were fine and I gave them my name and number just in case they needed a witness. People in our neighbourhood are terrible at stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalks. It's kind of hard to miss me with a stroller and a dog, but yet so many people do not stop.

{two} we met up with some of the ladies from our baby group yesterday, and Amelia was the only baby not crawling. Haha poor girl. I know it will be a whole different ball game once she starts, so I'm savouring this time.

{three} I have a desire to run a race for some reason....anyone running any coming up?

Tell me: something random for your Thursday!


  1. Yikes that is scary that you witnessed a crash! I am sure that was alarming for all of you. I never trust that people are going to stop. I try to make eye contact with the driver if I can. I have this awful habit where I envision myself getting hit by a car when I am biking to work! Not cool! They are pretty respectful of bikers here and we have bike lanes on some roads so that helps but you just never know. And I have almost been hit TWICE when walking to work - and I had the right of way! Both times it was raining so I try to take the skyway when it rains (actually Phil asked me to do this after hearing about my near-misses).

    I have a hard time coming up with blog topics, too, sometimes. I feel like I do a lot of survey type posts, like currently, TGIF, etc.

    No racing for me anytime soon which I am actually happy about. I raced more than usual this year as I did a 10 mile in March, a 1/2 in April, a tri in August, a trail race in September and a marathon in October! I usually do not spend that much on race fees! I don't know what I am going to do next year, though. I definitely want to spend a couple of months relaxing and easing up on the miles,though.

  2. Accidents stress me out! So glad that the car that was hit didn't bump into you guys! Drivers here are awful too.

    My random thing for the day: I finished making my 3 year old's Halloween costume yesterday and I can't wait for her to wear it!

  3. Ugh. That is scary about the car not stopping. Good thing nothing happened to you guys!!

    Something random: I haven't hardly been working out lately. I feel guilty for it but on the other hand, it's been nice to just sit down and watch Netflix once in awhile. Having a hard time finding balance.

  4. That is the same in my neighbourhood, and the worst? City buses!! Glad you guys are okay!
    Avery crawled late too and yeah I am happy she did, way less trouble!

  5. Scary about that crash! I had a few close calls when I was walking the path back in NY...some people are just so clueless!

  6. Glad you're okay!! That's scary!

    I'm itching to run a race right now (to test out my marathon legs) but my training plan/coach won't let me know until after NYC. I think there is one on Sunday in Calgary for the Alzheimer's society? I think Laura posted about it!

  7. Happy you are ok! Around here there are s few intersections that are TERRIBLE with drivers not looking when they turn right at a red light. If I'm trying to cross on foot and I don't see them make eye contact with me, I have to stay put or risk getting hit! Frustrating.

    Josie was average or maybe a bit early with army crawling, but a little late with hands and knees crawling. Didn't bother me! I don't think she'll be walking before her first birthday either - she'll only stand up when she hears music and wants to dance, but has no idea of footwork yet. Soon enough!

  8. How about a 'currently' post or day in the life? I have no ideas either, hence my lack of posts!

    Scary about the car accident- people do not pay attention!!

    Yup savour the lack of crawling! Audrey started at 6m and Leo at 10m. Non crawling is so much easier!!

  9. Crazy about the car crash! People just don't pay attention when they are driving, it's scary!

    That's probably the only downfall of a mom's group - the comparison trap whether you want it or not! But rest assured, Amelia did something before all those babies :) And she'll probably walk before them now! ;)

    A day in the life post? I always enjoy those. What about a post on the process you went through to donate breastmilk? I find that very interesting!

  10. I never know what to blog about either. Crazy that you witnessed that crash. Good thing nobody was hurt! I have Nike coming up next weekend! When is your favorite time of year to run races?

  11. Oh gosh that's scary! That happened to me one time too a few years ago. I was waiting at the crosswalk and driver 1 stopped for me as they should and then driver 2 slammed into the back of them. Yikes!!

  12. She will crawl when she is ready! :) But yeah enjoy the fact you can put her in one spot for now!
    That's crazy about the accident, glad the one car stopped for you though!!



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