Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{amelia}: ten months

You can find her previous updates here:

Weight/height: not sure as I haven't weighed her in a while

Eyes/hair: still very blue and still blonde. Her hair is growing like crazy!

  • crawling everywhere
  • pulling up on stuff
  • babbling
  • feeding herself
  • bathtime
  • not sitting still 
  • pushing her musical walker around
  • when I throw her up and pretend to drop her

  • having her face wiped
  • sitting still to have her diaper changed
Eating: she mainly eats by feeding herself and is pretty good at it! Some days she will let me spoon feed her, but she prefers to pick up and put stuff in her own mouth. Finding stuff that she will eat is challenging as she can be a bit picky. Currently loves: sweet potato, grapes, carrots, puffs, homemade muffins. She is breastfed in the morning and then 1-2 times throughout the day. She has a bottle of formula after each nap and then a bottle of breast milk and formula mixed before bed (usually around 180mLs).

Sleeping: she still goes to bed at 7pm and is usually up between 5-5:45am for a quick feed. She will go back to sleep until 6-7:45am depending on the day, but she is usually up just after 6am. Shortly after she turned 9 months old, we moved her to two naps per day that are usually an hour to two hours long. They are usually around 9am and 2pm.

  • still wearing size 3 diapers 
  • celebrated her first Halloween- she was a lady bug!
  • now has 3 teeth- her top right one started to come in shortly after she turned 9 months old
  • this last month has been a big developmental one for her- she went from barely army crawling to full on crawling. She is also pulling up on stuff like crazy and has gone up one stair on her own. The amount she can move astounds me! 
  • she also giggles so much now! I love it. I can do the silliest thing and she just giggles!


  1. Baby giggles are the best thing in the world. I can't believe she's standing already. It won't be long until she's walking!!

  2. Haha and just when you think you have figured out what she likes to eat, she'll change her mind tomorrow! ;) gosh she's growing like a weed! We should have a play date when I get back from Florida (and you're back from Ontario)!

  3. Such a great sleeper!!! I still do not know what Avery likes to eat, it changes hourly ;) She is getting so big!

  4. She is so beautiful! My niece is starting to move all over the place too. It is amazing to see them learn new thing every day!

  5. Such a cutie pie! :-) It's amazing how fast it happens - From not crawling, to crawling a little, to crawling FAST! You'll look away for one second and she's on the other side of the room! Swede started crawling/pulling up at 9-10 months too and walking just before her birthday.

  6. She looks ready to go on the scooter! Isn't fake dropping babies a huge workout?!!

  7. Oh my gosh, those baby giggles in that video are the best! I love baby giggles! You can't help but smile when you hear that beautiful sound!!

    I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the past month! She's such a cutie - I just love her blue eyes!!

  8. I love reading these updates because I get to see what Quinn will start doing soon :) Amelia is so adorable! We've already dropped to two naps here 😞 Haha

  9. Omigosh she almost looks like a toddler in that last photo of her standing up! She is so so so cute!!! Love the video of her giggling. You're such an awesome mom!



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