Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

One last friendly reminder before I get into our weekend recap- today is the last day to sign up for the blogger swap. Be sure to leave a comment on this post if you haven't already!

Let's see how good my memory is...

{friday} after Amelia's morning nap, we went over to my friend Keagen's house to have a play date with her and her son C. I met Keagen through our prenatal group, so it's been fun to watch the kids grow up together. We headed home around 1pm to have some lunch and so Amelia could have her afternoon nap. Unfortunately, she had other ideas and took forever to fall asleep. She also decided to sleep for an hour and 45 minutes (!!), which meant that we missed out on a playdate with Alison and Nicole (and kids of course). I was sad, but Amelia is not a happy camper if I wake her her up. Mr.D got home and Amelia was still sleeping, so I took Harley for a short run. Neither of us felt like cooking, so I ran to get us salads from Chopped Leaf. After Amelia went to bed, we just hung out and watched TV.

{saturday} our morning started off really well as we both woke up at 7:20am and realized Amelia was still sleeping!! Mr.D and Justin headed out for their bike date, so Amelia and I hung out at home. We were going to drop by Alison's, but Amelia's late wake up and later nap time messed things up. I had messaged someone to buy a jacket on Kijiji, so we went to pick it up after Amelia's nap. The lady lived close to my friend K's house, so I gave her a call and we dropped by for a quick visit as I hadn't seen her in a while. The rest of the day was spent taking Harley for a walk while Mr.D changed the brakes in our SUV.

Not bad for $8!

{sunday} Mr.D wanted to try out his new griddle, so he made us a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Yum! After Amelia's nap, we headed to the mall to pick up a birthday gift, return some clothes to Old Navy and look for baby gates at Babies R Us. We had no luck with the gates being in stock that we wanted and shipping is stupid expensive, so we might have to settle for something else. The rest of the afternoon was spent taking Harley for a run and making a chicken pot pie for dinner. 

After Amelia was in bed, I ran out to buy a stroller from another lady on Kijiji. I was looking for a smaller, umbrella style one to take with me to Ontario. I ended up getting a Quinny zap that came with a travel bag and rain cover.

That about sums up our weekend! 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. We just ordered a gate from Walmart. Maybe check there? Not sure what exactly you are looking for but I was surprised by thier selection!! That coat is super cute for $8!!

  2. I hope you find a baby gate that works well with a price tag you can swallow! That coat is super cute, especially for $8!

    Our weekend was so much fun. We were in Philly Fri-Sat afternoon then went to Lambertville, NJ for my friend's wedding, which was beautiful and so much fun. We came back last night and it was very nice to be home and sleep in my own bed again! I have gone on some fun trips lately but I am really burned out on traveling so am glad I'll be home for the next month or so!

  3. Cute coat! At first I thought it was for you, but then for $8, I assume it's for Amelia? Lol. I have a baby gate that I could sell to you?! I'll text you about it :) Yay for long naps! Sully's naps were brutal this weekend - like 45 minutes each, ugh.

  4. You just reminded me that I forgot to take my baby gate to Once Upon a Child when I dropped stuff off there last weekend!!!

    So awesome that Amelia was a good napper for you this weekend, aside from missing out on the play date.

  5. I hate when you don't know how long they'll sleep for! Yesterday I got nothing done because Wes decided to sleep for over 3 hours and I was just on edge that he'd wake up at any second!

  6. It's so hard coordinating life around naps sometimes. I think it's easier once they are down to one a day but still I'm always leaving places early or getting there late because the kiddo needs her sleep!

  7. My sister and brother in law just put up baby gates. I think they got them at Babies R Us. When they start moving, it happens so fast!

  8. Cute coat!! :) Good find. We got our gates from Costco online, are you looking for something specific? Glad you had a good weekend. I think you just didn't want to see us. ha ha ;)

  9. You always find such great deals on Kijiji! Here there is not much. You will love that stroller. I borrowed my friends when we went to Victoria last summer.
    I never got a baby gate since they were so much money, but our house doesn't need one, the new house will though!

  10. Sounds like a good weekend! That is a steal for $8. You are excellent at finding deals on Kijiji! You should start like a business or something, charge a 10% retainer fee for people :P

    I am having trouble remembering what I did last weekend haha... Saturday was super relaxing and laidback and Sunday was pretty busy and productive. That's all I've got!



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