Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! So glad the weekend is here...but I'm pretty sure I say that every Friday, haha. 

This week, we:
  • Monday: we had to take the SUV in to get looked at, so I didn't have a vehicle for the day. We couldn't do too much because of that so we walked Harley and I worked out while Amelia napped. Pretty quiet day.
  • Tuesday: I can't really remember what we did during the day. I know I took Harley and Amelia for a run and showered. So exciting! I left around 5:30pm to run some errands before picking up Jen to meet up with Brie at Craft. We ended up talking until 10:30pm until we all realized what time it was and that we all had to be up early with kids in the morning. Thanks again for the fun night girls!
  • Wednesday: during the day, Amelia and I went to get groceries. I worked out while she napped and then we had to go drop off the car at the dealership as it had to go in as well.
  • Thursday: since the car was in the shop, we didn't have a vehicle again. My friend J, her son and dog came over and we headed out for a walk and some playtime when we got back. The afternoon was spent hanging around the house playing, vacuuming and reading my book while Amelia napped.

The books that I read this week were Loved Walked in and Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. I forget who mentioned these books, but I really enjoyed both of them.

The thing that surprised me was how quickly our Christmas cards arrived! I placed the order on Saturday and they were delivered on Wednesday! {I used Vistaprint in case anyone is needing to order some} 

The meals we had were:

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. I used Vistaprint too and should be receiving them soon! Exciting!

  2. I used Vistaprint too, but mine seem to be taking a while.... boo face

  3. That sounds like nice week :) I'm looking for some new books to read so I'm glad you mentioned those two

  4. That's awesome that your cards came so fast. I am hoping mine come soon as I want to mail them out next Friday. I want to get them out early so that people will *hopefully* notice that my unit number has changed (I put something on the return address label so hopefully they notice that).

    When you make that crockpot chicken & wild rice soup, did you feel like it was kind of 'thin'? I made her stove top version last December and it was so thick and delicious but the crock pot version did not thicken up for me. :/ I probably should have added a flour/milk mix at the end.

    I read Love Walked In and Belong to Me years ago and loved both books!

  5. I hate being without a car! Mine has been in/out all week (tire issues) and it is annoying! I never knew Vistaprint had cards, I used to use them for work things. Have a great weekend!

  6. It was meeeeee! :-) I just read and loved both those books. Glad you did too!
    I've had a bag of wild rice languishing in the pantry for ages... Someone gave it to me but I couldn't ever figure out what to do with it. Chicken & Wild Rice soup it is!

  7. Mmm butter chicken.
    I'm jealous of your lady date to Craft!

    My cards arrived super quick from Mixbook. I was shocked because was it last year or the year before they took FOREVER.

  8. What's wrong with your car?! That sucks!! I haven't even really thought about Christmas cards yet! And clearly I'm the only one lol. Maybe I'll do New Years cards instead!

    Thanks again for a fun night! I definitely don't get enough girl talk on a regular basis.

  9. What was wrong with both vehicles? Hope nothing huge. What a fun Craft date with the girls! I need to get ordering my xmas cards. Whoops.

  10. It's nice that your cards came so fast, as often I procrastinate getting them made! I always try to get mine out right after Thanksgiving so that I don't have to think about them at all in December. Also, like Lisa, I wanted people to see my new address without me having to tell everyone or send out a change of address card!



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