Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This and that

I don't feel like I have a lot to blog about lately, so you are getting a bunch of random thoughts from me today.
  • Rachel and Brie have both mentioned doing some painting/repairs in their house and they sparked my motivation. I did all the prep work in our front hallway yesterday morning and then painted when Amelia went to bed. I splurged and bought the Behr marquee paint which only takes one coat. So worth the extra money!
  • does anyone watch Ellen? I've been PVR'ing the episodes and then watching them later on and her Halloween episode was hilarious. Speaking of shows- has anyone watched Keeping Canada Alive on CBC? It's a series following different patients all across Canada and it's pretty interesting!
  • don't forget to sign up for the Canadian blog swap if you are interested! Leave a comment on this post. If Janelle is reading, can you please email me as I don't have an email or blog for you :) My email is bestthingislove {at}
  • has anyone seen this video from Barbie? It's so good!
  •  I was going to order some new casual jewellery from Modern B Boutique but it seems to have gone under. Does anyone know of a similar company that is Canadian and won't break the bank? 
  • remember when we did family pictures back in August when we were in Ontario? Well, we did and I still haven't gotten them back. I'm trying not to bug the photographer too much, but it's going on 13 weeks. 
Tell me: something random!


  1. I've really been enjoying the Keeping Canada Alive series! A segment was filmed here for the October 23 episode and my doctor was in it delivering a baby.

    Something random: I recently learned that the poop emoji is supposed to be chocolate ice cream. I don't believe that though. 😉

  2. That is our favorite paint! We've used it for practically the whole house. I can't believe you still haven't got your photos, that's insane!
    Random: I haven't taken a real shower since Friday, so I officially want to die. Hopefully the hot water tank will get fixed today!

  3. My favourite Halloween talk show special is Kelly & Michael! I tape it every year.
    What colour did you paint? That is ambitious! Not sure I would ever attempt painting our walls lol.
    So weird, I was thinking of Modern B the other day, my friend ran it but I had not heard of anything for months!

  4. Try this shop - another local girl I know runs it -

  5. Can't wait to see the hall way! Good to know about that marquee paint - we might have to try it for Noah's room!! I PVR Ellen too!! Noah loves the dancing!

  6. mom - now grandmaNovember 04, 2015 1:01 PM

    Random thought of the day - it's 21 in your hometown today - yeah for Waterloo.... so weird since it's Nov....but had a client put me in an inversion machine today.... weird to be upside down and talking about our magazine.... and it's only Wed. Can't wait to see you Amelia.,... grandma's ready to play

  7. No way! 13 weeks is way too long!!

  8. Wow, 13 weeks seems like a long time to wait for photos. I think you could definitely email the photographer and ask when you could expect to receive your photos. You could say you are starting to work on Christmas cards and would like to use photos from the photo shoot?

    Way to go on painting the hallway. I HATE painting. I am just terrible at it! But it can make sure a big difference in the look and feel of a room!

  9. Ooh what colour did you paint your hallway?! Now I really wish I had watched that episode of Ellen! But I don't even know if I get that channel among our four haha! 13 weeks seems like way too long to wait for photos! You should definitely inquire!

  10. Oh wow that's a long time to wait for photos.

    I really want to do some painting and redecorating in my place but I'm too broke :(

  11. I LOVE that Barbie video!!! I have been wondering about the Behr Marquee paint as I would like to do some painting too and doing only one coat sounds amazing. I'll have to look into it!

  12. Check out...

  13. I'm sad modern B closed too. I tagged you in one shop on IG. I love Ellen. I'll need to look for that other show.



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