Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Weekly workouts

These posts are probably boring if you hate running or working out, but I like being able to look back at my training. The other night I needed some speed training information, so I looked back at my posts from 2013/2014 when I was training for the Calgary Marathon. So, they do come in handy :)

Monday November 16
  • 3.2km walk with the gang
  • 21 day cardio fix

Tuesday November 17
  • 4.56km {5:33/km pace} run with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day upper fix

Wednesday November 18
  • 21 day lower fix

Thursday November 19
  • 3km walk with the gang
  •  4.67km run of: 
    • Warm up- 6:09 
    • 5x 400m repeats (2:14, 2:08, 1:59, 2:00, 2:09) 
    • Cool down- 6:31

Friday November 20
  • 4km walk 
  • 21 day cardio and pilates fix

Saturday November 21
  • 21 day dirty thirty fix
  • 4km walk

Sunday November 22
  • 7km {5:38/km pace} run with Harley
  • 21 day yoga fix 

Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. That's a good week of the workout! You are getting in a good mix of strength training through the 21 Day fix and running!!

  2. I did he 21 day fix extreme last week as well. Repeating it again next week then hopping back to t25 and insanity for the cardio!!

  3. Awesome week of workouts! You're crushing it!

  4. That's a strong week of workouts! I think that it's nice to have a record of what you did and I also think it would be an accountability tool, too. I don't share weekly workouts but I do summarize my workouts and miles ran in my monthly post which holds me accountable and prevents me from skipping on a day when I am not feeling motivated! Last week was a strpmg week for me. I ran twice, went to yoga 4 times ( 2 of which were a boot camp style class) and did 3 shred workouts.

  5. Nice work!!! I am so itching to workout!! Cannot wait.

  6. I love workout posts. I keep track too. I like to go back and see what I have done. Awesome week!



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