Thursday, December 10, 2015

A little catch up

Phew! The last week has been busy, but a good busy. Last Thursday Amelia and I flew out to Ontario for a five day visit with my family. We didn't get into Waterloo until 6:30pm {the flight went okay- Amelia slept for an hour, but trying to keep her entertained the rest of the time was hard}. We got back to my mom's and had some dinner before putting Amelia to bed.

On Friday, my SIL Meghan and nephew Charlie came over for a visit and so the kids could play. It's so fun seeing them together! Later on, my older brother Josh joined us and we had dinner. The kids were chasing each other (crawling of course) around my mom's house and it was so cute.

On Saturday, we went to my younger brother Riley's house to have lunch with him and his girlfriend Sam. They made us a delicious lunch of roast chicken, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Amelia had a fun time playing with their two dogs!

On Sunday, Amelia and I went to my aunt's house to have lunch with her and my uncle, plus my dad, his wife, Riley and Sam. It was super casual, but nice to see everyone. Amelia also didn't want to go to anyone else that day, which made it fun to entertain her without toys (bad mom for not bringing any!).

Monday was a pretty quiet day in terms of visitors as we had none. My mom had rented a car for the weekend (she has a two door car which is a pain in the a** to get a car seat in), so we went to return it in the morning. After that, we went out for lunch and then picked up a couple things at Wal-Mart. Riley and Sam joined us for dinner once they were done work.

On Tuesday, our flight didn't leave until 6:50pm so Meghan and Charlie came over in the morning. My friend from high school who had a daughter a week after me also came over as well. It was fun to see all of the kids together as they are all so close in age. 

I was nervous about the flight home as it went so badly the last time, but luckily this time was much better. I lucked out again and they moved me to a row that only had one person in it, so I had no one beside me. Amelia played and ate and then fell asleep around 8:30pm (Ontario time) and stayed asleep until we got off the plane. 

Thank you again mom for everything you did while we were there- I appreciated it!


  1. Looks like such a fun visit home! That was nice of your younger brother and his girlfriend to host you guys for lunch - the meal they made sounds soooo good!

    Your nephew Charlie looks SO TIRED in that photo with you, Amelia and your SIL. He looks like he is ready to zonk out. I'm glad your flight home went more smoothly this time - that's great that they were able to move you to a row that wasn't full!

  2. Looks like it was a good visit! Where in Ontario is your family?

  3. Aw, looks like such a nice visit! Such sweet pictures... make for wonderful memories!

  4. Missed you!! Looks like you guys had a great visit! Amelia looks so grown up in the last photo, I cannot believe it! When are you back to work?

  5. Looks like a great visit home! Amelia is such a cutie! How far is Ontario from you?

  6. Aw looks like you had a great trip home! So glad to hear your flights went well. Our flight home from Florida was much tougher than the flight going there - it's SO hard keeping a toddler entertained! I'm not sure I could do it on my own lol. Also, I love the braid in your hair in some of those photos - looks so good!

  7. Looks like a really fun family weekend! Has Amelia taken her first steps yet?

  8. It looks like you had a great trip! Amelia is just the cutest.

    I have a younger brother named Riley, too! And he once had a girlfriend named Sam lol

  9. You got so much visiting in with so many family members! You really made the most of your 5 days at home! Glad the plane rides went OK for Amelia!!

  10. Looks like a great visit home. I love Amelia's chunky little legs!!

  11. Looks like an awesome trip home and so many great photos!! ;)



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