Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Holy, Christmas just flew by! Crazy that it's all over for another year. Before I get into my Christmas recap, let's rewind to a few days before Christmas. 

On the 22nd, I mentioned to Mr.D that one of the tires looked low in our SUV. He had done an oil change and added air the day before, so he checked it again and it was way down! He was able to get an appointment at Costco to get it looked at and we found out that there was a nail in the side wall so it couldn't be replaced. We also found out that they didn't have any tires in our size in stock and neither did Canadian Tire. We had planned to drive to Edmonton on the 23rd, but looked like our plans were being delayed. We luckily found a small tire shop that had the size we needed in stock and could get us in on the 23rd! We were close to needing new tires, so we ended up getting all four new ones...Merry Christmas to us?!

After the tire debacle, we loaded up in the afternoon of the 23rd and drove to Edmonton. We didn't end up getting into town until 4:30-5pmish, so it was dinner and put Amelia to bed once we settled in. 

On Christmas eve, we just hung out at my in-laws during the day. I took Harley for a chilly run (it was -13Cish the whole time we were there) and then got showered and ready to go. We went to have dinner with Mr.D's extended family and it was nice to see everyone. In Mr.D's family, there is only one boy for the kids and then there are 12-13 girls...it's crazy! 

I was the kid whisperer as I had a package of puffs ;)

On Christmas morning, we had breakfast with Mr.D's parents and of course opened gifts! Amelia was definitely spoiled- a drum, shakers, books, pjs, snow suit, wagon, etc. My mom started a bit of a joke about a shirt that my FIL wears, so I had him another one made just in case the first one gets ruined...his expression when he opened it was so perfect!

In the afternoon after Amelia's nap, we headed over to my BIL's house for dinner with everyone. They were hosting about 25 people, so it was a full house! They made a delicious meal and I am still mad I left my leftover stuffing at my in-laws house :(

Boxing day was pretty quiet during the day- Mr.D went to Costco with his brother and I took Harley for another chilly run. Just after dinner, we headed out to go to a friend's house and my MIL put Amelia to bed. We had a fun night catching up with our friends, but didn't get home until 2:45am!!! Way too late for this girl especially when Amelia was up at 6:15am the next morning. 

Tired puppy dog!

On the 27th, we were both moving a bit slow and had naps in the morning. Around lunch, one of Mr.D's friends came over with his wife that was visiting. It was great to see them as they live in Wales and we only get to see them when they are here for a visit. In the afternoon, we went to our nieces birthday party at a local play centre. Amelia missed her nap, but she ended up being a trooper and super happy while we were there.  

We made the drive back home yesterday and spent the rest of the day unpacking and playing with Amelia's new toys.

Tell me: how was your Christmas? 


  1. Oh man, I do not know how you stayed up until 2:45 am! I struggle to stay up past midnight! It will be a challenge to last until midnight on Thur as I know I'll be up at 5:30 that day... Lame, I know. It looks like you had a great Christmas! I am glad you were able to track down a tire. What an expensive ordeal, though, as I know that tires are NOT cheap!

    We had a great Christmas. It was really busy as we (err, I should say Phil) did a lot of driving but it was a lot of fun. I don't think we'll always be able to see both families on Christmas but it was nice that it worked out that way this year.

  2. Your Christmas sounds so busy! Glad you got the tires figured out before you left. What bad timing!

  3. Wow, so wonderful that you got to spend Christmas with so many family members! Looks like good times all around.
    p.s. I love your PJs!

  4. I am happy you got your tire situation fixed! Such a pain though!
    How did you stay up so late?! lol!! That is amazing though :) And I am jealous!
    I think stuffing is my favourite dish so I feel your pain leaving your leftover stuffing behind.

  5. Getting new tires right before Christmas sucks and it's such an adult present - I hate being an adult bahaha! We had contemplated getting new tires this year (in Quebec, it's mandatory to have winter tires) but everyone said we could get one more year...this morning we got a major snow storm and I got stuck in the tiniest bit of snow - I looked at hubby and was like see...we need new tires so new tires may be in our future, sooner than later...boo!!!

  6. We need new tires too... One of my least favorite things to spend money on. :-( I'm glad you sorted it out so you could have a lovely Christmas! I can't believe there is only one boy cousin for all those girls!

  7. Bummer about the tire debacle but at least you guys are now safe with the four new ones! So awesome you got to be around a big family for the holidays :)

  8. What a busy few days away! I love how Brian has such a big family - how fun! Glad your tire situation got sorted out (I had meant to text and ask and of course forgot, and then forgot again tonight, haha! ;) ) What's on the shirt you made for your FIL?!!? :)

  9. Sounds like a busy but awesome Christmas!! 2:45am? That is LATE!! My Christmas was really good, it truly did go by in a blur this year and I can't believe my 2-week vacation is almost over and I go back to work on Monday already. Wahhh!

  10. Sounds like an awesome Christmas!! That ratio of boys to girls is crazy!! Haha!

  11. What a fun Christmas! Love the picture of all the kids, so cute. And Adorable family picture in front of the tree!

  12. Looks like such an awesome time! Busy but awesome, I think that's the way it goes. Amelia looks so cute! We need new tires too. Boo!



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