Friday, December 11, 2015

TGIF & my Christmas ornament

Happy Friday everyone! Amelia has been waking up, but putting herself back to sleep multiple times between 3-5am for the last couple nights. Even though I don't have to get out of bed, it makes me tired. Her naps were better yesterday, so hopefully she gets herself back on track soon!

This week, we:
  • We got back on Tuesday night around 9:30pm, so it was straight to bed once we got home
  • On Wednesday, Harley was at doggie daycare, so it was just Amelia and I. After her morning nap, we ran to the post office to pick up a package and it wasn't even there! So frustrating especially because the line up was so long. Afterwards, we went to met up with two friends for a play date.
  • On Thursday, we took Harley for a walk after Amelia's morning nap. We came home, had lunch and played before her next nap time. I also vacuumed, unpacked our bags and did some laundry. After dinner, I ran out to return some things at the mall before meeting up with Jenny to exchange our Christmas ornaments
The shows that I am watching are 90 Day Fiance and Married at First Sight. I'm oddly addicted to both of these. Please tell me that someone else watches them so I can discuss them with you! 

The best money I spent this week was on nothing really. Minus paying for my baggage fee and baking supplies, I haven't bought anything else. Ooh I lied, I picked up a pair of black dress booties at Payless for going back to work and a necklace. I spent a whole $1.40 on the necklace! Big spender. I lied again, I also picked up a small gift for the blogger party this weekend. 

As I mentioned above, I met up with Jenny to exchange our Christmas ornaments. She got me two gorgeous ornaments! Thanks Jenny for them along with the chat :)


This weekend, we don't have much planned. I'm hoping to bake some Christmas cookies and then Mr.D was talking about going for a bike ride. Saturday night I'm going to the blogger party and that's about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful ornaments! It’s nice when you can meet up in person to exchange them  I’m going to try and get some of my Christmas baking done this weekend. I feel like I am running out of time! Have a great weekend and have fun Saturday night!

  2. Canada Post makes me so mad these days, I have gone 3 days after getting a slip for them to tell me to come back since they have not received it. Gah!
    Beautiful ornaments!

  3. OBSESSED with Marriage at First Sight!! Do you think any of these ones have a chance

  4. Cute ornaments! I've been on/off watching both..yup addicting! And I laughed with the "i lied. I lied again." Haha!

  5. Those ornaments are so pretty! Sounds like you guys had a busy week! My week was packed too so I am looking forward to a quiet day with Phil tomorrow.

  6. Sorry, can't chat about the shows as I haven't watched either (and have only heard of the second one!). That's what I get for not having cable ;p Those ornaments are beautiful!

  7. It was great to finally meet! I'm glad you like the snowflakes.

  8. Cute ornaments! I had a good time this weekend hanging out with a girl friend and her kids, making cookies and listening to Christmas movies.

  9. I love your ornaments! Very pretty :)



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