Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekly workouts + a few reminders

Before I get into a workouts from last week, I just wanted to remind everyone of a couple things:

1) today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a pair of moccs from Freshly Picked. You can enter here.

2)  if you are participating in the Christmas blog swap, the packages are to be sent out by this Thursday. If you are going to be late sending yours, please give your partner a heads up :) You can find all the details here.


Onto my workouts from last week

Monday November 23
  • 3.2km walk with Harley and Amelai
  • 21 day plyo fix

Tuesday November 24
  • 21 day upper fix
  • 4.2km run with Harley- it was super snowy and I didn't wear a watch, so no idea on time

Wednesday November 25
  • 21 day lower fix

Thursday November 26
  • 3.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day cardio fix

Friday November 27
  • 5.37 {5:38/km pace} run with Harley

Saturday November 28
  • 21 day total body cardio fix

Sunday November 29
  • 4km walk with the family 

Tell me: how was your workouts last week?


  1. You had another strong week of workouts! Last week was a good week for me. I ran 16 miles, went to yoga 3 times, and did 2 strength training workouts. 2 of the yoga classes were a cardio/strength training combo so I got a good mix of workouts in last week!

  2. Well done to you with the exercise! I am still rubbish! I did get my present for the xmas swap though and will be posting today!

  3. Another great week of workouts! You kill it!
    I had a decent week, although I missed a couple days of workouts.

  4. Great week! I took one rest day, but stayed on top of the Extreme workouts the rest of the week. I like Extreme much better than the regular Fix.

  5. oh my god I've been keeping my fingers crossed about this giveaway!!!! And I'm actually on top of the swap packages this year- I sent mine out today! Great job with the workouts, I was doing fix extreme last week but switched to T25 this week. the first two days after a change up is my favorite because my body really reacts to it.

  6. You're kicking butt lately lady!!! What a great mix!! I'm doing okay... still struggling with not be 100% so I'm off to Physio next week.



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