Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Body & mind after baby: twelve months update

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Crazy that this is my last update! I still have no idea where the last year went- it was filled with lots of changes, learning experiences, tears, laughs and hugs. 

Body update

Let's just say that I had way too many treats over Christmas and that carried well into January. It left me feeling a little more stuffed then I like, so I decided to start tracking my food. I honestly have no will power and if there are baked goods or chips in the house, I will devour them. Tracking my food has definitely helped me think about what I am eating. I'm still pretty active, so that's not the issue at all.

I was going through my bin of clothes the other day that I had put away while I was pregnant, and realized how many different sized bras I have! My boobs changed so much while pregnant and then afterwards. I finished breast feeding Amelia when she was about 11 months old, so my boobs have changed yet again...they are just so sad now, haha. 

Mind update

The last three months were definitely a big improvement in terms of the highs and lows of parenting. Amelia started to crawl and move around her own, which was a MAJOR game changer. Her personality also starting coming out a lot more and while she can be super stubborn and very impatient (I'm taking the blame for those traits), it's been fun watching her grow and change. 

I wouldn't trade having the first year of her life off with her, but I feel like she is getting to such a fun age that I'm sad that I will be missing things. Maternity leave should be 18 months ;)

I wrote this post a few days before I returned to work, so my feelings and emotions are all over the place about going back to work. I know it will be good to use my brain and have adult conversations again, but it's so hard leaving your child! Major mom guilt that I am still working through. I'm hoping once we get into a routine, I'll start feeling better about it.


  1. I'm the same way about not having will power so I try not to buy sweets or things like chips. Phil says that I have no 'fun food' at his place and then I go wild at his house as he has ice cream, chips, etc. I don't exactly go 'wild' but I definitely snack more when I am there!

    I'm glad you are seeing improvement in the highs and lows of parenting! Every age is great and has it's special moments but I really love it when they start to show more of their personality and can interact with you more. I hope your first couple of days back at work are going well! I imagine you are exhausted, though!!

  2. Yeah, the boob department...ugh. I'm just gonna stick to sports bras from now on. Glad for the upswing in mood- I think I'm the same!

  3. I think there are always highs and lows in parenting, they just evolve as your child grows. There are still days I drop Liam off at day home and just want to cry because I don't want to leave him and feel guilty that I don't get to spend my days with him. There are also days I can't drop him off soon enough because he's being such a little shit. And there are days where I think my heart is going to explode because I love him so much.

    Sending you lots of love during your first week back. It gets better. <3

  4. I could definitely stand to use my brain more often ;) Haha, kidding, kidding. Both situations definitely have their pluses and minuses. And I agree with how Becky put it...some days I would love to drop Sully off at a dayhome! And then I feel guilty for even thinking that. So mom guilt exists no matter what! :)

    And ugh, the boob department! The purger in me desperately wants to get rid of all the bras that don't fit me right now, but the practical side of me knows I will regret that, at least until I'm completely done having children and breastfeeding. But totally sucks that we have to purchase so many different sizes and types of bras! Men have no idea how easy they have it ;)

  5. Sad boobs!? Oh no! At least you have some! :) I am really bad at self control and so usually I try not to keep any snacks in the house aside from healthier ones. However, even in the case of healthier ones, like nuts, I tend to go buckwild and eat a whole container at once, which is better than ice cream I guess, but is still not great. Good luck with your first week at work! You are almost done...

  6. Sad boobs. I know all about this. I can't imagine what mine will look like after Ryder too. So sad. I hate bra shopping too.

  7. My boobs will never be the same. I am not self conscious about it but if I ever date someone again that may change hahahaha!!

    PS I agree, 18 month mat leaves would be awesome!

  8. My boobs are pretty sad now too haha. I also agree Maternity Leave should be 18 months! Hope your first week back to work went well

  9. I can't imagine how hard it is to leave your baby. Hugs to you! Also, if I have kids, I might come to Canada for maternity leave. 3 months over here is NOT LONG ENOUGH!!

  10. I agree- I think mat leave should be 18 months too! We need to lobby for that! ;)

    I had to laugh at your boob comment- I also had so many different bras for all the difference sizes! It's crazy how much they change! I'm less sad about my boobs now than I was after Audrey. I'm not sure if I'm just used to them now? They aren't that bad though- definitely smaller.

    No willpower here either. I was better when I was in ALison's accountability group but I still crave all the treats :(

    And I have to agree with Becky. There are lots of Sundays that I can't wait to go back to work because the kids are driving me crazy!



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