Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catching up

Oh man, I feel like I am behind in everything! Stuff around the house, commenting on blogs, etc. On Sunday night, I started to not feel well and decided to head to bed early. My plan back fired as I ended up being up most the night puking. Not fun at all! Monday was spent letting Amelia watch cartoons while I counted down the hours until Mr.D came home (he was super busy at work, so couldn't stay home). I started to feel more human yesterday by the end of the day, so hopefully whatever I had is making it's way out of here!

I feel like it's been a while since I've blogged, so I'm just going to do a bullet style post to catch you up.
  • on NYE, we didn't do much. After putting Amelia to bed, we made some appetizers and hung out at home. Pretty sure we were in bed and asleep by 10:30pm!
  • we started and finished watching Making a Murderer. Oh man, I never knew that a documentary could make you so mad and shake you head in disbelief so much!
  • on New Years day, it was a relatively nice day out so we went for a walk in the coulees by our house. Amelia ended up falling asleep in the carrier so I took the extra long way home 
  • we braved IKEA on Saturday to get a new TV stand and a couple other things. We put it together that night and it only took us 1.5 hours as we messed up on a step ;)

Tell me: what's new with you?


  1. Hope you're feeling better!! IKEA furniture can really test your patience, it really has to mine! How is that carrier- is it easy to get her in and out?

  2. Hope you are feeling better! Such a nice walk. The snow is so pretty!

  3. I'm sorry you were sick! Stomach flu is the worst, and definitely a lousy way to start the New Year. :-(
    Pretty hike in the snow though!

  4. Putting Ikea furniture together = a special kind of hell. I HATE HATE HATE doing things like that! I am such a verbal person so their teletubby style drawings make it extra difficult for me!

    That sucks that you got sick! Caring for a baby while being sick with the flu sounds awful. I am glad she's at an age where you can entertain her with cartoons, though. I hope that Mr. D and Amelia don't catch what you had!

    I started off the new year sick, too, as I have a bad head cold. It's been really busy at work so it's a bad time to feel like I am totally spaced out and out of it!

  5. That sucks you got sick! I am a bit sick right now and came home from work early today. Not flu symptoms but cold ones. I have a very very sore throat. I really hope it's not the start of strep!

    Ok we really need to jump on the Making a Murderer chain. I'm really not a documentary person but I might have to try this one.

  6. Hope you feel better! Sounds awful! Puking with kids is the worst!

    I like your NYE style!

    I've heard so much about that documentary- I think I must watch it to see what it's all about!

  7. OMG that last pic is just the cutest!!
    You are so funny that you are behind on commenting on blogs. I rarely do it now because I feel like I have no time!
    I haven't watched Making a Murderer yet, BUT I did hear on the radio that they left a TON of really important evidence out of the show because they needed buy off to make the series from the parents. I'm interested in watching it and then looking up what was left out!
    Glad you're feeling better!

  8. Hope you feel better soon!!! Yes I need to get back on track with blogging too!! Love that the tree was decorated!! Can't wait to see the tv stand built!!

  9. I am a master IKEA furniture builder. You can hire me for your next project and pay in my cookies! ;)

    When we put our new treadmill together, I foolishly missed a stupid, totally cosmetic step (the plastic covers that hide the front wheels), and we had to reverse all our steps and re-do it all. Ended up taking us two nights. IKEA instructions are SO easy in comparison lol.

    Is that the new coat you won?! Love it!

  10. I could pretty much copy and paste this post. I feel SUPER behind on EVERYTHING right now! Our entire has has been hit with the stomach flu plus I've had a terrible sinus infection, so we pretty much gave the kids a iPad and free reign of the house--yikes! I hope you're feeling better!

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  12. Happy New Year to you! That last photo is so cute! It's so funny how kids can just pass out anywhere! I am in the same boat as you; I feel behind in things but am not highly motivated to catch up! I have been trying to start running more as well as reading and doing things around the house!

  13. I'm with you on being behind - in LiFE! I read blogs but hate commenting from my phone so I am way behind!! Gah. Love the walk. We should get out for one again soon. I just don't do ikea - Justin has to do it solo!!

  14. Oooh, that documentary - so intense! We have two more episodes left. I am so frustrated by the whole thing. We too were in bed before midnight in NYE.



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