Friday, January 15, 2016


Happy Friday everyone! This week has seemed pretty busy and this weekend will be too. We are having a super small party for Amelia on Saturday and then her actual birthday is on Sunday. We don't have anything planned for it yet- thinking maybe pancakes for breakfast and doing something fun for her during the day. Swimming or a play area perhaps?

This week:
  • Tuesday: it was a pretty quiet day. When Amelia went down for her nap, my mom went to the mall for a bit. When she got back, we made cookies and then she took Amelia for a walk while I went for a run with Harley. I picked Mr.D and his co-worker up from the airport around 9:30pm.
  • Wednesday: my mom flew out around lunch time, so we drove her to the airport after Amelia's nap. After the airport, we stopped at Michael's, Dollarama and Sobey's. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and hanging around the house.
  • Thursday: Amelia had a doctors appointment at 8:15am, so we were out of the house pretty early. She fell asleep on the way to the appointment, but luckily went down for a nap when we got home. She ended up sleeping for close to two hours (getting up at 5am might do that to you!), so I read and had a short nap when she was sleeping. Once she was up, we took Harley for a short walk as it was snowing pretty hard. In the afternoon, I vacuumed the house and cleaned the floors. When Amelia went down for her afternoon nap, I worked out and watched Ellen. After dinner, I went to Costco and Superstore to pick up some stuff.  
The book I am reading is The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. It's pretty slow moving, but not terrible.  

The meals we had were nothing super exciting as Mr.D was away so I didn't meal plan. Need to get back on it though especially since I'm going back to work shortly.

The shows we are watching are Married at First Sight, Born This Way, and Shameless (so excited this is back on!).

The race I signed up for is the 5 mile race for Run for L'Arche. More information about this coming next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I still cannot believe Amelia is ONE already!!! Enjoy the party and your weekend :)

  2. What?! It's Amelia's birthday this weekend?! How did that even happen! So awesome, I hope you have a great weekend celebrating with her.

  3. I also can't believe Amelia is almost one!!! This year has gone by so fast! Hope you guys have fun celebrating her day!

    Oh excited you are doing the 5 mile too!!

  4. Aww Happy Birthday to Miss Amelia...time flies!

  5. I can't believe Amelia is turning 1 this weekend! Time flies. Does that mean you go back to work next week? Another friend of mine is going back to work on January 29th and I feel so bad for her (she had her baby in early November) as I know she is feeling overwhelmed with everything as it is so adding in 32 hours of work (she works a 4 day schedule) just sounds brutal. I hope it's not too rough an adjustment for you guys! Who will be taking care of Amelia? Thinking of you!

  6. You should sign up for the Rocky Mountain Soap Co women's run in Canmore at the end of May! Have a great weekend celebrating Miss A :)

  7. I can't believe she will be 1 already!!! Soo exciting and sad all at the same time!! Crazy how fast they grow!! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating!!

  8. Happy Birthday Amelia! Hope the party is fun!



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