Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Run for L'Arche: training week two & staying motivated

The weather in Calgary has been pretty nice lately, but it can easily turn. The cold temperatures and dark nights make it hard to get out of your warm house to run, so I wanted to share a couple tips on how you can stay motivated to train during the winter months.

1. Find a friend or running group

Having a friend or training group can help you stay accountable to showing up and doing the work. I have never trained with a running group, but know many people who have and love it. The Running Room has a couple free training runs each week that anyone can join. Be sure to check out your local Running Room for more information. MEC also has free training runs each week that anyone can join. You can find more information here

2. Share your goals with others

This doesn't mean that you necessarily have to share your specific time goal with others, but you can instead share you want to run a specific race or distance. You can share this a close friend or many people in Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc. Having others know your goal and to help cheer you on will help!

3.  Dress for the weather

It can be super hard to get out the door when it's cold out, but if you have the right layers it won't make the weather feel too bad. Nicole recently wrote a great post about how to dress for the winter weather. It can be found here. Becky also put one together for beginner runners and it can be found here

4. Incorporate cross training 

Training for a race doesn't have to just be all about running- there are many fun classes or workouts that you can add into your schedule. Prior to having my daughter, I was a crossfit addict. Anyone can do it and most places offer a drop in and are very supportive about new people. There are also spin classes, Body Pump, yoga, Orange Theory Fitness, etc. So many fun options!

Onto my training from last week:

Monday January 25
  • Week 4 workout 3 from Sweats in the City. It included box (stair) jumps and DB thrusters

Tuesday January 26
  • 2.5km walk with Harley
  • 1km warm up, 4 x 400m, 1km cool down

Wednesday January 27
  • Week 4 workout 4 from Sweats in the City. It was 100 burpees for time with squats mixed in there. I finished in just over 10 minutes and I was sweating!

Thursday January 28
  • Week 4 workout 5 from Sweats in the City

Friday January 29
  • 5km run

Saturday January 30
  • 4km walk with Harley

Sunday January 31
  • 8km run  

Not a bad week considering I returned to work full time and my time to workout has been cut way down. 

Tell me: how was your week of workouts/training?


  1. Great tips and great week of training! Thanks for sharing my post <3

  2. You had a great week of workouts! Especially considering you've returned to work! My weekend only consisted of walking, whomp whomp.

  3. Wow, that is awesome that you were still able to fit in so many workouts during your first week back to work. You are a rockstar!!!!

    My week of workouts was so so. I was hoping to start to run more now that my RA flare is over but when I ran 6 miles on Thursday, I had bad pain in my hip/quad/knee area so I have had to take more time off from running... Hopefully the muscles get back to normal soon so I can run when we get back from Mexico. I'm really frustrated with my body right now!

  4. I can't believe you did 100 burpees! I can't remember the last time I did one! Great job getting all those workouts in during your first week back to work - I'm so impressed.
    I'm starting official training for my half marathon in June this week! Starting to run farther and (relatively) faster.

  5. Awesome week! And super awesome sticking to all your workouts after being back to work. :)

  6. I am feeling very not like myself lately because I've been doing VERY mellow workouts lately and purposely have been trying not to do anything too high intensity, but I miss it! Also finding a running group or a friend to run with is my #1 tip for staying motivated to train for a race!



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