Monday, February 29, 2016

Scenes from my weekend

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was busy, but filled with lots of fun. I'm off today for my next earned day off, which gives me a chance to recover and get some stuff done around the house. And of course spend time with Amelia. 

Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} nothing much happened after work on Friday. Mr.D picked up Vietnamese food for us as we didn't feel like cooking. Once Amelia was in bed, I took Harley for a walk and then watched tv.

{saturday} Mr.D got up with Amelia, but I couldn't fall back asleep so I ended up laying in bed for a while browsing the internet. Once I was up, I made us some pancakes for breakfast (Amelia ate almost two full ones!). Mr.D headed out for his bike date with Justin, so I packed Amelia and Harley up and went for a run. It was pretty darn windy out, but otherwise we had a good run. Amelia ended up falling asleep not even five minutes from home, so I parked the stroller in the garage and put on a winter coat and hung out in the garage while she napped. She ended up sleeping for an hour and woke up super happy. 

rockstar hair!
In the afternoon, I vacuumed the house, showered and hung out with Amelia. Not sure why, but Amelia suddenly felt super warm and had a crappy nap. A little Tylenol and some cuddles, she seemed to be a bit happier. I left around 4:45pm to meet up with the girls before heading to Ashley's house warming party. It was a fun night of girl talk, delicious food {I made this dip} and playing Cards of Humanity. 

{sunday} I got home around 11:30pm the night before, so it was appreciated that Mr.D got up with Amelia. I ended up getting up around 7:30am and spent the morning hanging out with Amelia. She got super grumpy around 9am, so we put her down for a nap and hoped for the best! I left just after 9:30am to meet up with the girls to go to my first body pump class. It was a super busy class, but fun to try it out and get my butt kicked. 

Jo, Ashley, Becky, Kaella, Kris, myself, Jen and Brie

After body pump, I headed home and missed out on brunch. Amelia ended up sleeping until 11:20am (!!!), so her and Mr.D were gone to the mall when I got home. They didn't end up getting home until 2:30pm, so I made myself some lunch, got cleaned up and had a little nap. Once they got home, we headed out so I could drop Mr.D off at Justin's before I went to Nicole's for her kids birthday party.  She did a great job decorating and Amelia loved playing and watching the other kids. Thanks for inviting us Nicole :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Cards Against Humanity is such a fun game :)
    I think I just missed you ladies at the gym - I went and did my run there yesterday on the treadmill. Usually I go to the Sunday body pump though :)

  2. Busy weekend! Sounds fun though! :)

  3. Busy weekend. I would have loved going on Saturday but sleep was calling my name!

  4. Wow, you had a busy weekend! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, though, and got to see a lot of different people! My weekend was fairly low key. On Friday night we went over to another couple's house for pizza and games. On Saturday night we stayed in and I made dinner. Saturday was really gorgeous so I went for a long walk in the afternoon with was awesome. I was wishing I could run but at least I could be outdoors in the fresh air doing something! Yesterday I had to leave for a work trip so my day was very short as i headed to the airport at 12:45. My flight got delayed which meant I had to cancel dinner plans with a friend which sucked. :(

  5. What a fun weekend! I cannot wait to go to Body Pump when the GL gym opens here!

  6. What a great weekend. I'm so glad we were able to hang out! Next time we need to plan a playdate.

  7. It was such a great weekend! So glad we finally got to hang out again! :) Sorry you missed out on brunch though! We'll just have to go again another time. (Did you call this post, Snapshots from my Workout at first?? Haha!) ;)

  8. Looks like a great weekend! I have never tried Body Pump. I really need to incorporate some strength training into my life though. Especially upper body.
    I had a nice weekend - Our new babysitter came Saturday morning so I could go to yoga, went to the park in the afternoon (SO glad it's warm enough again!), church on Sunday morning, and then some alone time in the afternoon while my husband took the kids to visit his parents.

  9. FUN weekend!! I'm SOOO happy I got to spend time with you but it's never long enough! xxx

  10. Such a fun weekend!! Good mix of family time and friend time! I've never played Cards Against Humanity- it sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have come on Saturday but I had cupcakes to ice! ;) Glad you and Amelia could come on Sunday and help us celebrate!

  11. Sounds like a fun busy weekend!! Love cards against humanity - I got it for Mike for Christmas!!

  12. Such a fun weekend with lots of awesome ladies!



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