Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #2

I'm joining in on Thinking Out Loud with Amanda again this week. It's a great way to get all of those random thoughts out!

1. Tell me no to lulu

I know that I just bought myself a running jacket and sports bras, but I really want a new pair of crops and some tank tops. Someone tell me that I don't need to buy either! I would love a pair of these and this tank top in boom juice. Or if you wanted to be really nice, I'd take the crops in a 6 and the tanks in a 4 ;)

2. Zits

I've had the worst zit on the side of my face near my eyebrow for a couple of days now. It just won't go away and it's so big and angry. I feel like people don't see me, but rather see my zit first. Haha.

3. Instagram

Anytime that I post anything active related on Instagram lately, I lose followers. Why follow me in the first place if you don't want to see that as I clearly like to work out? Also- the randoms that follow you selling wraps, etc and then unfollow you a couple days later- so annoying! Just because I had a baby doesn't mean I want to buy wraps. It's called working out! End rant. 

4. Birthdays

I'm turning 30 this October and really want to plan a weekend away somewhere without Amelia. I love her, but would love a fun weekend without being a mom to celebrate my birthday. Who wants to go away with me?!

And because every post needs a picture, look how tiny and cute Amelia was!


  1. The follow/unfollow game on Instagram is so annoying! I try not to pay any attention to it. What kind of getaway are you thinking for your 30th?

  2. haha, about Lulu! I actually am not longer a fan of their fabric after comparing it to Old Navy and Fabletics stuff, their fabrics seem to wash and wear better.
    Boo to zits!! My favourite thing about pregnancy, I have the best skin and no blemishes for months, it was the same with A but post partum my skin gets mad.
    I will go away with you!!!

  3. I don't even pay attention to who unfollows me on Instagram, but I totally hear yah on the whole Wrap thing. Yes, I had a baby. Yes, my skin is all flappy in the gut area. No, I don't care!

    I'd totally join you on a 30th birthday extravaganza. I'm having some serious feelings about my own 30th creepin' up. Boo!

  4. Girls weekend trip somewhere for your 30th?! Let's do it! :)

    I'm not a big fan of lulu anymore. Their quality has gone downhill while their prices remain ridiculous. Have you ever tried wearing Kyodan brand from winners? It's practically identical to lulu in size and style but for a 1/4 of the price!

  5. Have you tried old navy? They're less expensive and pretty good! I don't pay attention to when people follow/unfollow, but I'll block all the spammers!

  6. With the purge I've done lately I have given a lot more thought to how many items of a certain thing I truly need, like workout bottoms. So before deciding if you should buy the lulu stuff, count up your bottoms and tops and consider the most you would use in a week (or however often you do laundry, I do it once a week). If you truly need another top or bottom, then buy them. If you don't really need them, put them on your wishlist for mother's day. I'd say your bday wishlist but October is a long ways away!

    I would totally go somewhere with you for your 30th! :) Don't feel guilty about wanting to get away without Amelia. That's healthy, IMO. I know that it's easy for me to say that as your kid-free friend but I really think it's healthy to get a little break! And if grandparents end up watching her, it gives them an opportunity to bond with her a bit more!

    Lastly - I have a lot of compassion for you regarding complexion issues. I had AWFUL acne when I was in my late 20s. I wanted to put a bag over my head. I think you likely notice it more than others but it's still tough to deal with. I hope you find a solution to it. I've tried so many different things but eliminating dairy seemed to really help me. I was able to reintroduce it but now I am careful about how much I have. I'm also on a certain kind of bc that is supposed to help with acne (apri is the name of it, it was picked due to the level of one of the hormones but I can't remember which one) and I also take spironalactone which is kind of a non-traditional treatment plan but it's worked great for me.

  7. Um yes to a girls weekend because my 30th is a month earlier!!

    Just say no to Lulu and grab some new stuff from somewhere else. Even Fabletics with the exchange is cheaper and better quality. Or Old Navy. Or VS. I'm just not a Lulu fan. Yeah yeah I just bought a jacket from there but I had a credit from a gift return.

    With you on the wrap people on IG. and Beachbody. And epicure. And any other MLM company. There are soooo many of them.

  8. I have been getting requests from people selling wraps and stuff and I don't add them (I'm still private). I find it annoying and almost rude when they direct message you to see if you want anything... Thanks but I'm pregnant. My skin is healing soo slow with this pregnancy, which has brought too much acne for me! Lol

  9. Come to Vegas November 12th!!! There's a big group of girls going to run the RnR Half Marathon. I did it last year and it's sooo fun! We run together and then go dance our faces off all night! :)

  10. Also, I have those crops and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give you my size 6's but I think you need your own ;)

  11. Oh that is so weird about losing instagram followers! I have to admit I've never really paid close attention to the # of followers I have before so I'm not sure what kinds of posts cause me to lose them!! I like seeing active posts though. Actually there is no post that really bothers me on instagram, the only thing that drives me CRAZY is if people instagram more than 3-4 photos in a row. That will cause me to unfollow them!!!

    A weekend away for your birthday sounds awesome!! End of October right?? Hmmm, come to BC and do some late fall wine tasting? :)

  12. I'm game for a weekend away FOR SURE!!! I love costco crops! The are $15. :) I don't know when ppl unfollow me but I agree the wrap people are so annoying!!

  13. omg the wrap follows drive me nuts!!!!! I made my IG private just to get rid of them.

  14. I have never bought Lulu, as I am a bit of a frugal spender, but I always did wonder if the quality matched the price. If so, it is nice to have good quality workout clothes; it really makes a difference in some cases. However, for me, I have so many race t-shirts and tanks that I definitely cannot justify spending money on a workout top!

    I would go somewhere with you for your 30th!! Or if you want to come back here, I have a place for you guys to stay now!! I understand the wanting to get away; it's only human! Don't feel guilty about it...



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