Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Returning to work: an update

I've been back to work for over two months now {where has time gone?!}, so I thought I would do an update on my return to work. I was pretty nervous going back to work as I don't handle change well and things were going to be changing. I had no idea how things would work out in terms of getting my brain back into work function and with Amelia being in the day home. 

Amelia has done super well in the day home. When she first started going, she would cry and then that turned into frowning and now she smiles when we (Mr.D usually drops her off and I pick her up) take her. In the beginning, she was super attached to me when we got home after work. I couldn't put her down and walk away without her crying/whining. Luckily, that went away over the first couple weeks. She eats well and sleeps well there and is happy when we pick her up, so we couldn't ask for anything more.

I've found that I was pretty easily able to switch my brain back into work function. There are days that I definitely have to make myself a to-do list, but I haven't messed anything up too badly yet ;) I really struggled with going back to work and not having the time with Amelia, but having some adult interaction and not being "mom" for those hours in the day have been really good for me. I feel like I am a better and more patient (I have the worst patience!) mom. Being at work also means that I don't take my time with Amelia for granted- yes, the hours between 5-7pm can be crazy, but it's worth it.

The things that make the week days easier are getting everything of Amelia's together the night before, as well as meal planning. It means that we aren't struggling to come up with a meal idea while trying to feed/entertain Amelia after work. The other major thing is Mr.D- he takes Amelia in the morning while I get ready (and then we switch). He makes dinner when he's not coaching rugby and goes grocery shopping without complaining. I couldn't do it without him!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scenes from the weekend: easter

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a busy and fun weekend over here. Both Mr.D and I had Friday and Monday off, which was a nice long weekend. Let's rewind to Friday:

{friday} I'm struggling to remember what we did that day. How bad is that! I know that I went for a 11km run with Harley and that we hung around the house playing with Amelia. Mr.D got groceries in the evening and he also picked up a lulu pull over that I bought off a girl that lives in our neighbourhood. Other than that, we caught up on our tv shows and went to bed early. Ooh, Amelia woke up from her afternoon nap still tired, so she ended up falling back asleep on me. Love those cuddles!

{saturday} in the morning, we packed up our bags and headed out for my in-laws house. The drive was fairly boring and luckily Amelia slept for a bit of it. We got there around lunch. In the afternoon, I took Harley for a walk while Mr.D went for a motorcyle ride with his dad. While both of us were gone, my MIL took Amelia to a park nearby to play. She sent me these adorable pictures:

My MIL made us a delicious roast dinner, and then once Amelia was in bed we just hung out for the night. Pretty sure I was in bed by 9:30pm!

{sunday} Mr.D let me have a bit of a sleep in, which was wonderful. Once I was up and ready to go, I headed out with Harley for my long run. I was a bit nervous as I don't know the trails very well around my in-laws house, but we mapped out the route the night before so I had a rough idea of where to go. It ended up being a beautiful morning and a nice run.

we walked this hill as it was HUGE and right at the end of the run
When I got back, Amelia was done for a nap so I had a quick shower and some breakfast. 

In the afternoon, our nieces (and BIL & SIL) came over as my MIL was hosting Easter dinner. My FIL hide eggs for the girls, so we had the egg hunt in the backyard. The girls loved it!

Helping E get the ones in the tree

After the egg hunt, Mr.D and I took the girls over the park since it was pretty nice out (minus the wind). The girls had lots of fun and Amelia loved to watch them!

My MIL made another delicious dinner that I'm pretty sure I'm still stuffed from. It was a great day spending time with our family and nieces. 

{monday} before heading out of town, we stopped to see Mr.D's grandma. Amelia fell asleep on the drive home and ended up sleeping for almost two hours, which was fabulous! The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home, walking Harley and getting ready for the work week. 

Tell me: how was your Easter weekend?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Run for L'arche 5 mile: race report

On Saturday, I ran the 5 mile at the Run for L'Arche. This is my fourth time running the race (find my previous race reports here, here and here) and have loved running it every time. After missing out on the race last year, I knew I wanted to run it this year. 

Race package pick up was held Tuesday to Saturday, and I work close to the downtown location so I grabbed mine on Wednesday during lunch. I was in and out of there in 5 minutes. The race package had your bib, package of information, race shirt, buff and magnet for your fridge. 

The race didn't start until 10:15am, which gave us plenty of time to get our stuff together before heading down to Eau Claire (Mr.D and Amelia came too). I met up with Nicole, Leslie, Jen, Ang and Crystal before the race. We had time to chat before one last bathroom break and heading out to the start line. It was a little chilly to start, but the temperature started to warm up and it was a great temperature for running. The race started at Eau Claire and went along the river towards Edworthy Park. 

I spotted Mr.D and Amelia
Going into the race, I really had hoped to set a new PR (my previous PR for the 5 mile was 42:55). I felt great from the start - my first kilometer was 4:47 and I definitely pulled in from there. The turn around was before the 4km mark, so it was fun to the see the other girls on my way back. I told myself that I wouldn't look at my time until I hit the last kilometer and discovered that I was at 35 minutes. I knew I was going to PR then and pushed it for the last kilometer! I finished in 40:22! Pretty happy with that.

After crossing the finish line, I grabbed my medal, caught my breath and then headed over to see Mr.D and Amelia. They actually saw me finish this time ;) We waited near the finish line to see Ang, Nicole and Leslie finish. We headed inside and grabbed water, a banana, granola and apple. We all somehow missed the pancake truck!


Another fantastic race! Hope everyone had a great race. Thank you to Run for L'Arche for letting me blog about my training :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Phew, what a busy weekend! I feel like I barely sat down all weekend. Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} I had the day off, so I kept Amelia home with me from the day home. After Mr.D left for work, we made some muffins (these ones) and then cleaned two bathrooms. She went down for a nap without any crying and ended up having a good nap. Once she was up, we headed out to Costco and Wal-Mart for a couple things. When we got home, Mr.D was home from school, so we took Harley to the off leash area by us. Close to dinner, we headed out to meet our friends for dinner at Double Zero pizza. Neither of us had ever been there before, and the pizza was pretty good. Not the cheapest though. 

After dinner, we headed home and Amelia went straight to bed. Pretty sure I was in bed by 9:15pm reading.  

{saturday} once I was up and out of bed, I made us pancakes for breakfast and then got ready to out to the Run for L'Arche race. It was a later start (10:15am), which was super nice. I'll do a full race report tomorrow :) After the race, we headed home (Mr.D and Amelia came too) to have some lunch and Amelia went down for a nap. Once she was down,  I had a shower and then laid in bed reading. We didn't do much in the afternoon- just hung out around the house and played.

{sunday} Mr.D let me have a sleep in, which was super nice. Mr.D and Justin were going for their weekly bike date, so Amelia and I headed out for groceries around 8:30am. Superstore was surprisingly dead- it was nice! She fell asleep on the way home, so I parked the car in the garage and rolled down the windows while I put the groceries away. I ended up hanging out in the car with her while she snoozed away. After she was up, we took Harley for a walk in the sunshine along with a stop at the park to go on the swings for Amelia. 

When the boys got home, we hung outside while Mr.D cleaned his bike and then I traded off with Mr.D and headed to the mall to return a pair of crops to lululemon. In the late afternoon, we headed over to Alison and Justin's for a last minute dinner. They made us a delicious steak and potatoes dinner- thanks again guys!  


Friday, March 18, 2016


Happy Friday everyone! So happy it's the weekend. And a long one for me since I am off today. Even better :)

The high of the week was getting our new diaper pail in the mail and obviously being off work today and spending it with Amelia :) I had bought an Ubbi diaper pail and it got super smelly! Alison mentioned to me that she had the same problem and after contacting the company, they sent her a replacement. That's exactly what I did as well and it arrived today. They have awesome customer service!

The low of the week was nothing really. Mr.D has started coaching rugby again, which means that he isn't getting home until close to 6:30pm now. That leaves me to feed Amelia, entertain her while trying to make dinner. She has been watching way too many cartoons, but that's life.

The book I'm reading is nothing currently. I just finished The Lake House by Kate Morton. I struggled to get into the book, but ended up liking it about half way through. Not sure I would recommend it to people though. Next up is Inside the O'Briens by Lisa Genova as part of Brie's book club. If you love reading, join in the fun here :)

The meals we had were:
  • Monday: leftovers
  • Tuesday: creamy spinach and sausage pasta- super yummy!
  • Wednesday: cilantro lime chicken drumsticks with coconut rice and stir fried peppers
  • Thursday: turkey and spinach quinoa casserole - I halfed the recipe as we didn't have enough quinoa. I also left out the onions (didn't have any) and added peas. It looked kind of iffy as I was making it, but it turned out really well!

This weekend we are going for dinner with friends tomorrow night and then I am running the Run for L'Arche on Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

{amelia} fourteen months

I decided that I would start doing a post on Amelia every two months instead of every month from now on. I'm not going to stop talking about her, but just a little less :) Amelia is now fourteen months which is crazy to me! Weren't we just celebrating her first birthday? Let's see what the last two months has brought us.

Shortly after her first birthday, I returned to work full time, which meant going to the day home five days a week for Amelia. Before I returned, she did three half days at the day home to ensure it was a good fit. She did well there, but did cry when I dropped her off and then was very clingy when we go home. As the weeks have gone by, she has gone from crying to frowning to smiling when we drop her off in the morning. Makes us sad, but also glad that she is doing well there and seems to be happy.

We haven't had her weighed since her 12 month appointment, but I am guessing she is in the 21.5-23lb range. Girl loves to eat! She currently loves: banana muffins, bananas, sweet potato, cheese, yogurt. She gets a larger variety of stuff at the day home as well. She definitely does not like meat. She gets 3-4 bottles per day ranging from 120-180mLs. Most of that is milk with a bit of formula. We are still struggling to get her to drink from a sippy cup (either soft top or straw), so she may be drinking from bottles forever ;)

She isn't walking, but can easily move around the ottoman or couch. She will stand up on her own and take one or two steps and then fall down. She doesn't seem in a rush to walk on her own and we aren't pushing her either. It will come :)

She goes to bed around 7-7:15pm and gets up between 6-6:45am. Her naps have been all over the place, but she has been having two still at the dayhome. They range from 40-90 minutes in length. 

She loves bath time, putting things into boxes or containers and taking them back out, her play kitchen she got from her birthday and when you pretend to chase her while she is crawling. She also loves to play with the books in her room. 

She has only gotten one more tooth in the last two months (it came in around the beginning of March). That brings her total for teeth to 7. Her hair is still growing like crazy and we almost need to cut it. She currently has her first bad cold - lots of boogers and a cough. Luckily she is still a pretty happy girl!

We love you Amelia!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Run for L'Arche: training week eight

It's race week! Who else is getting excited to run?! Here is the list of locations and dates that you can pick up your race package:

Tuesday March 15, 2016 11:30am –  5:00pm    
Economical Insurance Office
322 11th Avenue SW, 7th Floor Foyer
Calgary AB T2R 0C5

Wednesday 16, 2016 11:30am –  2:00pm
Economical Insurance Office
322 11th Avenue SW, 7th Floor Foyer
Calgary AB T2R 0C5

Thursday March 17, 2016 – 5:00pm- 8:30pm
Strides -Marda Loop
3558 Garrison Gate S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T2T 6N1

Friday March 18, 2016 –  5:00pm – 8:30pm      
Strides -Fishcreek
1119, 380 Canyon Meadows Dr. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, T2J 7C3

Saturday March 19, 2016  –  8:00am – 10:00am  
Eau Claire Market  – Community Room
3 Street & Riverfront Avenue S.W
Calgary, AB

Onto my training from last week. It definitely wasn't my greatest week of training as wasn't able to fit in my run on the weekend and took more rest days then normal.

Monday March 7
  • 4km walk with Harley
  • November Project workout with running, burpees and frog jumps

Tuesday March 8
  • I was out of town for work, so I ran on the treadmill at 8:30pm. 5km run in 29 minutes

Wednesday March 9
  • rest day as I was traveling home and didn't home until 8pm

Thursday March 10
  • rest day

Friday March 11 
  • 5.17km run {5:38/km pace} with Harley

Saturday March 12
  • 4km walk with the family
Sunday March 13
  • rest day 

I hope everyone has a fabulous race on Saturday and can't wait to hear how it went! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Phew! It was a busy and tiring, but fun weekend! Not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow...can we extend the weekend by one more day? :)

{friday} as I mentioned in my post on Friday, Amelia had come home on Thursday with a fever and not feeling well. When she got up on Friday morning, she was warm again and grumpy. She also had  runny nose and cough, so I decided to call into work and spend the day at home with her. We didn't do much except hang out at home and Amelia fought both of her naps. I got her to sleep and then tried to put her into her crib and she was wide awake and having none of it. I ended up having to hold her, which is fine as the cuddles are nice. Mr.D is done early on Fridays, so once he was home I had to go into work for a bit. I had a bunch of stuff that I had to get done and didn't want to pass it on to my co-workers. After Amelia was in bed, I took Harley for a 5km walk and then we caught up on our Friday night shows.

{saturday} I told Mr.D the night before that I would get up with Amelia and of course she was wide awake at 5:50am! While she played, I started watching Teen Mom OG - so terrible, but can't stop watching. Once Mr.D was up, we packed up and headed out to Edmonton. Amelia only slept for 20 minutes on the way there, which was definitely not long enough. When we got to my in-laws, we had some lunch and then headed out for a walk with the dogs. Amelia ended up falling asleep 2 minutes into the walk and stayed asleep for close to two hours in the stroller! 

In the late afternoon, we headed over to my BIL & SIL's house to help celebrate our niece's first birthday. Amelia was being super clingy and didn't want to go to anyone but myself. Otherwise it was a great party :) After Amelia went down, we hung out for a bit and pretty sure I was in bed around 9:30pm as I was super tired.

{sunday} we left Edmonton around 9:30am (it was snowing/raining and super cold- wasn't sad to be leaving that behind!) and luckily Amelia slept on and off for about an hour on the way home. Once we were home, I did some laundry and Amelia played before going down for a nap. I headed for one as well and it was glorious! Amelia ended up falling back asleep on Mr.D after her nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours total! She didn't wake up until 6pm, which meant a later bedtime for her, but she luckily went down without any issues. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


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