Wednesday, March 16, 2016

{amelia} fourteen months

I decided that I would start doing a post on Amelia every two months instead of every month from now on. I'm not going to stop talking about her, but just a little less :) Amelia is now fourteen months which is crazy to me! Weren't we just celebrating her first birthday? Let's see what the last two months has brought us.

Shortly after her first birthday, I returned to work full time, which meant going to the day home five days a week for Amelia. Before I returned, she did three half days at the day home to ensure it was a good fit. She did well there, but did cry when I dropped her off and then was very clingy when we go home. As the weeks have gone by, she has gone from crying to frowning to smiling when we drop her off in the morning. Makes us sad, but also glad that she is doing well there and seems to be happy.

We haven't had her weighed since her 12 month appointment, but I am guessing she is in the 21.5-23lb range. Girl loves to eat! She currently loves: banana muffins, bananas, sweet potato, cheese, yogurt. She gets a larger variety of stuff at the day home as well. She definitely does not like meat. She gets 3-4 bottles per day ranging from 120-180mLs. Most of that is milk with a bit of formula. We are still struggling to get her to drink from a sippy cup (either soft top or straw), so she may be drinking from bottles forever ;)

She isn't walking, but can easily move around the ottoman or couch. She will stand up on her own and take one or two steps and then fall down. She doesn't seem in a rush to walk on her own and we aren't pushing her either. It will come :)

She goes to bed around 7-7:15pm and gets up between 6-6:45am. Her naps have been all over the place, but she has been having two still at the dayhome. They range from 40-90 minutes in length. 

She loves bath time, putting things into boxes or containers and taking them back out, her play kitchen she got from her birthday and when you pretend to chase her while she is crawling. She also loves to play with the books in her room. 

She has only gotten one more tooth in the last two months (it came in around the beginning of March). That brings her total for teeth to 7. Her hair is still growing like crazy and we almost need to cut it. She currently has her first bad cold - lots of boogers and a cough. Luckily she is still a pretty happy girl!

We love you Amelia!


  1. She's such a cutie. Glad that she transitioned to day home well!

  2. Aw she is such a cutie! I am glad that the transition to daycare has gone well. I can see how it's hard to see her get more excited about getting dropped off there, though. I really like your perspective on her progression towards walking and that you aren't obsessed with her hitting that milestone at a certain point. Like you said - it will happen when it should so no need to push! And it sounds like she is so close!

  3. She's so cute, I can't believe she's 14 months!

  4. Man time flies. I am so glad she has done so well at the dayhome. Makes your life much easier. She's so cute and I am seeing more of you in her lately too. It's such a fun age!

  5. I'm glad she's adjusting to the dayhome :) She is so darn cute, I love her little outfits!

  6. Awww she's just so cute! I would not be opposed to her and Sully dating in the very far future, just sayin'! ;) ;)

    And you are right - she will definitely walk, and it will probably seem like she does it over night! One minute they are crawling/standing, and then all of a sudden they take some steps and then that's it - you're baby is no longer a "baby". I remember being excited but also sad when Sully started walking, because that really signalled the end of babyhood :(

  7. sweet girl! she's just adorable! I'm glad your day home transition went well and she's enjoying her days there! I feel like I would have a harder time leaving if my baby sobbed at every drop off so let's hope Ellie is the same way when I go back to work!

  8. Omigosh, 14 months already! That is so great that she is starting to feel really happy at the dayhome! I'm sure it's easier to drop her off smiling and happy than clinging to you and not wanting you to leave her. I have had two friends return to work from maternity leave in the last month and both said dropping their baby off at the daycare was SO hard!

  9. 14 months! What a little beauty. Quinn is just now starting to not cry during Dayhome drop off, which is good but sad haha. The one day she had the BIGGEST pouty lip and no tears and then the next day she was fine.

  10. Glad to hear she's transitioning well at the day home! Boogers are no fun ;-/



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