Friday, March 11, 2016

Catching up

This week has just flown by and I meant to blog more, but ran out of time! Because of that, you are getting a bit of a catch up post from me today.
  • on Tuesday afternoon, I flew up to Edmonton for the night for work and didn't get home until 8pm on Wednesday night. Wednesday I was in a meeting all day, so it was a long day.
  • since I was gone for the night, that meant I spent my first night away from Amelia ever! I was a little nervous about it, but knew she was in good hands with Mr.D. They did just fine and I survived too :) Minus being woken up at 12:30am by the couple in the next room having some sexy fun times, haha. It was so loud.
  • when I picked up Amelia yesterday, she had a low fever and a runny nose. Her temperature rose before bedtime, but hopefully the Tylenol will kick in so she can get a good nights sleep  {I wrote this on Thursday night}
  • Mr.D did our taxes on the weekend, and I'm pretty sure I chose the wrong option when I did my EI stuff as we owed a lot of money. Even when my Employer was still contributing to my RRSP's while I was off (we don't have a pension plan at work). That sucked especially when I usually get a big return. I thought kids were supposed to help with your taxes ;)
  • a couple of the ladies in our prenatal group are already pregnant again- I love babies and am not quite ready for another one
  • yesterday I had one of those days when I felt like I could cry for no reason. There was nothing wrong in particular, but it was just wasn't my day apparently. Chocolate covered almonds help those kinds of days :)

As long as Amelia is feeling better, we are spending time with Mr.D's family to celebrate our niece's first birthday this weekend. Other than that, nothing much planned for us.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. mmm chocolate covered almonds...maddy is selling World's Finest Chocolates for school and of course my house is filled with them and stupid me gave up chocolate for lent.....aaahhhh!!
    hope Amelia is feeling better and the fever didn't amount to too much!
    have a great weekend, I am really looking forward to it being +13 tomorrow!

  2. Oh no! That sucks about your taxes :(

    Hope Amelia is feeling better so you guys can all enjoy your weekend! Xo

  3. Boo on EI involvement in your taxes! I'm hoping my four months of work in 2015 really helps our case out.

    Two of my friends from baby yoga/swimming/library, both with summer 2014 babies, had their second babies last month and I'm up next! No other babies on the radar just yet. I hear sleeping is the biggest challenge in the beginning. But I also hear that being huge and pregnant while chasing after a little toddler is one of the biggest challenges, and I'm SO over that already.

  4. I didn't get EI because of being self employed but I've heard a lot of people saying that's happening. You have to actually ask them to take tax off your payments, which is ridiculous!! At least it's Friday!

  5. Yeah you really get screwed on EI. It's brutal. Next year will be way better though. I've been super emotional this week. Like I think I've teared up at work almost every day. I was getting so frustrated with it and thought I should go make a doctor appointment to get my hormones looked at because clearly they're out of whack until my friend asked me if I just have PMS. Haha. Yes, just pass me all the chocolate please.

  6. So crappy about the taxes! I am now telling everyone the issue! It is so confusing so I get why most people get screwed.
    Oh man, I hope today is better! I hate those days and have had a few lately due to bad sleeps.
    Awesome job surviving your first night away from Amelia!!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Same happened with my least Tyler's balanced ours out..phew!

  8. I hate those days when you feel like crying for no reason all day long. I blame hormones! And too bad about owing money on taxes, That is the worst! We just adjusted our withholding for Abel but hopefully not too much. I like getting a decent refund.
    I hope you have a fun weekend! It's my last before starting work again. :-( But will try to make the most of it!

  9. Ugh, that sucks that you had to pay in and weren't expecting to! I've mostly gotten refunds but when I relocated my taxes were really confusing and something got messed up with my state taxes so I owed money in MN and it was annoying as I usually get a refund.

    Wow, I can't imagine getting pregnant again when you have a 1 year old! I guess the kids would be close to 2 years apart but that still seems close together!!

  10. That sucks about your taxes! I don't think they are taking very much off my mat leave. I've heard they screw it up a lot. I wonder if I should call and ask them to take off more?

  11. It sounds like you had a full week! I know that for me I like to have a couple of quieter week nights or else my week feels a little bit out of control. This last week, I had three after work activities, which really is too many for me. I need to have a bit more "recharge" time in order for me to not feel a little rushed/frazzled.

  12. That's too bad about taxes. I know nothing about doing taxes! ha ha Chocolate always helps for sure! :)

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