Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scenes from the weekend: easter

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a busy and fun weekend over here. Both Mr.D and I had Friday and Monday off, which was a nice long weekend. Let's rewind to Friday:

{friday} I'm struggling to remember what we did that day. How bad is that! I know that I went for a 11km run with Harley and that we hung around the house playing with Amelia. Mr.D got groceries in the evening and he also picked up a lulu pull over that I bought off a girl that lives in our neighbourhood. Other than that, we caught up on our tv shows and went to bed early. Ooh, Amelia woke up from her afternoon nap still tired, so she ended up falling back asleep on me. Love those cuddles!

{saturday} in the morning, we packed up our bags and headed out for my in-laws house. The drive was fairly boring and luckily Amelia slept for a bit of it. We got there around lunch. In the afternoon, I took Harley for a walk while Mr.D went for a motorcyle ride with his dad. While both of us were gone, my MIL took Amelia to a park nearby to play. She sent me these adorable pictures:

My MIL made us a delicious roast dinner, and then once Amelia was in bed we just hung out for the night. Pretty sure I was in bed by 9:30pm!

{sunday} Mr.D let me have a bit of a sleep in, which was wonderful. Once I was up and ready to go, I headed out with Harley for my long run. I was a bit nervous as I don't know the trails very well around my in-laws house, but we mapped out the route the night before so I had a rough idea of where to go. It ended up being a beautiful morning and a nice run.

we walked this hill as it was HUGE and right at the end of the run
When I got back, Amelia was done for a nap so I had a quick shower and some breakfast. 

In the afternoon, our nieces (and BIL & SIL) came over as my MIL was hosting Easter dinner. My FIL hide eggs for the girls, so we had the egg hunt in the backyard. The girls loved it!

Helping E get the ones in the tree

After the egg hunt, Mr.D and I took the girls over the park since it was pretty nice out (minus the wind). The girls had lots of fun and Amelia loved to watch them!

My MIL made another delicious dinner that I'm pretty sure I'm still stuffed from. It was a great day spending time with our family and nieces. 

{monday} before heading out of town, we stopped to see Mr.D's grandma. Amelia fell asleep on the drive home and ended up sleeping for almost two hours, which was fabulous! The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home, walking Harley and getting ready for the work week. 

Tell me: how was your Easter weekend?


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!! The weather looks great too!! I'm soaking up every snuggle I can these days! Time goes by so fast!!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend for you guys. So nice that Amelia fell back asleep on you!

  3. Harley looks pretty happy to be out in all that nice weather! And Amelia's hat is adorable. Sounds like you guys had a good long weekend.

  4. I tried joining the lulu fb group a while ago and still haven't been approved!!

  5. I can never remember back to Friday, even on a regular weekend! haha. I miss Avery's MEC coat, it is such a great coat for kids!
    Jealous of your Lulu hoodie! I just want to wear my clothes again lol

  6. Is Amelia walking? She looks very steady on her feet in that one photo! Sounds like you guys had a really fun Easter. We celebrated with Phil's mom so I missed out on the egg hunt and egg dying... and the excitement of seeing what was in their Easter baskets. But we still had a fun holiday with his mom and she had a little Easter game for us which was fun. I was worried about how the meal would go with me being on Whole30 but it went well and I was able to eat most of what she made.

  7. Aw looks like you guys had a great weekend! I miss that river valley! So awesome that Amelia will nap so long in the car! Sully rarely sleeps longer for an hour in the vehicle now...he naps much longer at home, which is odd because he used to be the complete opposite.

  8. So fun!! How long was your run? Good job! We have had to use the "return home" function on our garmins before while running out of town!

    The egg hunt looked like a lot of fun! Your nieces are so cute!



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