Monday, March 7, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Another weekend has gone by super fast :( Why can't they go slower like the week?! Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} a pretty quiet night for us- once I picked up Amelia from the dayhome, I made an easy stir fry for dinner. We had a little play time and then it was off to bed for her. Once Amelia was in bed, I thought about working out, but decided eating Doritos and sitting on the couch was a better idea :) Amelia had a bit of a rough night though as she was warm going to bed and woke up around 10pm feeling even warmer. Some Advil and cuddles and luckily she went back to bed.

{saturday} I had a bit of a sleep in in the morning, which was wonderful. Once I was up, I made us pancakes for breakfast and then cleaned the floors on our main level. While Mr.D went to get his hair cut and run some errands, Amelia and I hung out at home playing and doing some laundry. In the afternoon, I pushed myself out the door and went for an 11km run with Harley. I had zero desire to be doing so, but it was a gorgeous day out. It was too nice to be inside, so I walked with Amelia to the park while Mr.D took his motorcyle out for a quick ride. Neither of us felt like cooking and we had a coupon, so we went to get burgers from Smash Burger. The rest of the night was spent hanging out watching tv.

{sunday} Mr.D and Justin went for their bike date in the morning, so I took Harley for a walk with Amelia. She decided to fall asleep less than ten minutes from home, so I decided to try and transfer her from stroller to crib. Yah, that was a big fat fail. Since she didn't want to sleep, we had a snack and then I worked out while she played and watched The Incredibles. In the afternoon, Mr.D went to get groceries and I finally got Amelia to take a nap. Once she was down, I laid in bed and ended up falling asleep. It was a bad idea as I woke up feeling worse and kind of grumpy. The rest of the night was spent playing and Facetiming with Mr.D's family. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I hate waking up from a nap worse off! Nice, low key weekend- the best even when they go by quick

  2. I like your Friday night :) I did the same but with candy... haha. All I want to do right now is get outside for a good run, I am so grumpy these days because I want to run so bad. The nap transfer is so tricky! Sometimes we can transfer Avery no problem and others times it fails every time.
    Hope you have a good week!

  3. Brian has a motorcycle?! I didn't know this! Do you ever go on it?

    And the dreaded nap transfer...I seem to be successful most of the time when it's from the car to the house, but not from the stroller to the house!

  4. How many K is a half marathon? Like 20? I did 7 miles today for my half m training, so I think we're on a similar long run schedule! This was the first long run of my half m training that actually felt long.

  5. Love that pic of her in the swing!! Soo cute!! Good job on the run!

  6. Great running shot!
    I hate waking up from a nap feeling more tired!

  7. We had beautiful weather this weekend, too! Especially on Sunday. Phil and I went for a nice long walk and it felt so good to feel the sun! My weekend was fairly low key which was nice. we went out for dinner on Friday and started watching the new season of House of Cards. Saturday night I went out for a nice dinner and then to a concert with one of my best friends. And then on Sunday i spent the day with Phil.

  8. That was my Saturday night...I had chips, candy and chocolate (it was necessary.)



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