Monday, March 14, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Phew! It was a busy and tiring, but fun weekend! Not sure I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow...can we extend the weekend by one more day? :)

{friday} as I mentioned in my post on Friday, Amelia had come home on Thursday with a fever and not feeling well. When she got up on Friday morning, she was warm again and grumpy. She also had  runny nose and cough, so I decided to call into work and spend the day at home with her. We didn't do much except hang out at home and Amelia fought both of her naps. I got her to sleep and then tried to put her into her crib and she was wide awake and having none of it. I ended up having to hold her, which is fine as the cuddles are nice. Mr.D is done early on Fridays, so once he was home I had to go into work for a bit. I had a bunch of stuff that I had to get done and didn't want to pass it on to my co-workers. After Amelia was in bed, I took Harley for a 5km walk and then we caught up on our Friday night shows.

{saturday} I told Mr.D the night before that I would get up with Amelia and of course she was wide awake at 5:50am! While she played, I started watching Teen Mom OG - so terrible, but can't stop watching. Once Mr.D was up, we packed up and headed out to Edmonton. Amelia only slept for 20 minutes on the way there, which was definitely not long enough. When we got to my in-laws, we had some lunch and then headed out for a walk with the dogs. Amelia ended up falling asleep 2 minutes into the walk and stayed asleep for close to two hours in the stroller! 

In the late afternoon, we headed over to my BIL & SIL's house to help celebrate our niece's first birthday. Amelia was being super clingy and didn't want to go to anyone but myself. Otherwise it was a great party :) After Amelia went down, we hung out for a bit and pretty sure I was in bed around 9:30pm as I was super tired.

{sunday} we left Edmonton around 9:30am (it was snowing/raining and super cold- wasn't sad to be leaving that behind!) and luckily Amelia slept on and off for about an hour on the way home. Once we were home, I did some laundry and Amelia played before going down for a nap. I headed for one as well and it was glorious! Amelia ended up falling back asleep on Mr.D after her nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours total! She didn't wake up until 6pm, which meant a later bedtime for her, but she luckily went down without any issues. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Ew - I don't miss Edmonton weather at all! Haha! Hope Amelia is back to her old self this week!

  2. What a busy weekend! I hope Amelia is feeling better today!

  3. Edmonton's weather sounds similar to our weather right now. Yuck!

    Sick babes are such a bummer - Hopefully Amelia feels batter soon!

    (And we totally have that same pink "Love" blankie for Norah!

  4. I hope Amelia is back to 100% soon. She doesn't look like her usual happy, perky self in those photos so you can tell she wasn't feeling like herself. :( Your niece sure is a cutie, though! It's awesome that her and Amelia are so close in age. They'll be best buds growing up I'm sure!

    My weekend was really fun! I had a friend visiting and we packed a lot in. The weather was gorgeous so we spent lots of time outdoors. By Sunday afternoon I was exhausted, though, so I fell asleep when we were watching a movie!

  5. Busy weekend for you!! Hopefully Amelia is back to feeling good this week

  6. Love the pink and gold theme!!! It is no fun when they don't feel well, but you are right, the cuddles are something to take advantage of when you can!! I feel like I keep asking Noah for extra hugs lately!! Haha.
    Teen Mom is stupid, but I watch it too!! Farrah drives me the craziest - can she not hear herself??

  7. I LOVE Teen Mom OG hahahaha! My guilty pleasure lol! I hope Amelia is feeling better soon!

  8. Teen Mom is like a train wreck addiction lmao, you aren't alone! I hope Amelia is feeling better!!

  9. Looks like a fun party and weekend! I hope Amelia is all better and back to herself!



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