Friday, March 4, 2016


Happy Friday everyone! Even though I only worked four days this week, it felt like a long week. So excited for the weekend and a nap!

The high of the week was getting to spend Monday with Amelia. She had an over two hour nap in the morning and then we went to a Gymboree class. After the class, we went to get groceries and then walked Harley when we got home. It was a good day :)

The low of the week was feeling like I had zero motivation and feeling tired all week. Still not sure why, but hopefully it passes soon.

The meals we had were:
  • Monday: taco salad
  • Tuesday: spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs
  • Wednesday: sweet potato burrito bowls (found on Lindsey's blog- this was really tasty especially with avocado and sour cream added in)
  • Thursday: on our own as Mr.D had a work thing 

This weekend we don't have much planned. Mr.D is going for his bike date and I'll go for a long run. Other than that, we have zero planned! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I haven't had very much motivation this week either..... I put off working out until last night finally when I went for a short run. I am hoping it comes back soon.
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. I was exhausted all week this week, I think because I didnt have any downtown to catch up from the busy, fun weekend!

  3. We had a busy weekend last weekend! I think we've all been recovering from it this week ;)

  4. I was a bit like that last week, I have learned to just let everything go when I feel that way and go with my energy levels if I can!

  5. Enjoy your unplanned weekend! I love weekends like that! Mine is pretty unplanned, too, which is good as I am pretty tired after my work trip. The only plans I have are going out to dinner and then to a concert with one of my closest friends. Tomorrow I will spend the day with Phil which I am looking forward to as we haven't seen as much of each other lately as we usually do so I miss him!

  6. Enjoy your laidback weekend!! Today is busy for me but tomorrow is pretty laidback. And today is good busy - can't complain about a girl date with my best friend where we're getting pedicures, going for dinner and to the movie.

  7. I don't feel motivated this week either. Hopefully this funk passes for us both!

    Did you cook the rice first for the sweet potato skillet? I think I'm going to try this!



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