Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #3

I'm joining in on Thinking Out Loud with Amanda again this week. It's a great way to get all of those random thoughts out!

1. Zero motivation

I don't know why, but my motivation to workout this week is seriously lacking. I was going to go to the November Project yesterday morning, but I woke up several times through the night and again around 5am. I decided to switch my alarm from 5:30 to 6:30am and even struggled to get out of bed then. I did have a great tempo run on Tuesday night once I forced myself out the door.

2. From bottles to sippy cups

We have been trying for a while now to transition Amelia from bottles to sippy cups. Pretty sure we have at least six different kinds and she would rather just bite the tops of them then actually drink out of them. She is barely drinks any formula anymore and will drink her milk cold (she used to only drink it warmed up). Right now, she gets a bottle after getting up in the morning, after her nap(s) and then before bed. How the heck do we get her to drink out of a sippy cup?!

3. Seat sales

Westjet had a seat sale on the other day as part of their twentieth birthday celebrations. Amelia and I are making a trip to Ontario in June (we haven't been since December) and it was less than $500....that hasn't happened in a long time! I'm excited to go home, but not for the flight as Amelia will probably be walking and much busier! 

4. Comparisons

I love looking back and seeing how much Amelia has grown and changed. Here's a fun one for you:

three months vs one year- same chair and same chubby cheeks
Tell me: something random for your Thursday


  1. We never did bottles so I can't offer you advice on that, but we didn't do sippy cups either. We went straight to straw cups and regular drinking cups. I can't remember, have you done straw cups?

    I love seat sales! Isn't it nice when you can actually fly across the country without spending a small fortune?!

  2. I tried a ton of different cups too, then I just took away the bottle all together so it forced her to use it. I also tried to find cups similar to her water bottle she had (Camelbak).

    That's an awesome deal to fly home! I'm not looking forward to our next flight now that Avery is paid for lol.

  3. Can't believe how long her hair is now!! We use the munchkin 360 cups and love them! They don't leak at all and Noah can drink from a normal cup already! There is no spout to chew on either that is nice!! Yay for cheap flights!

  4. The comparison photo is awesome. She looks so plump in the 3 month photo! What a cutie!

    I have weeks where I don't have motivation either. I rarely get up before work to workout anymore. I just don't have the motivation sadly.

    Something random about my Thursday is that I am in Madison WI on a work trip and am soooo ready to get back home to Phil. I left on Sunday so this has been a longer trip. We have a packed afternoon and a HH so I need to rally and get my energy up.

  5. Thankfully my kids never really had a problem with the bottle to cup transition. Good luck! That's great that you get to visit your family in long is the flight? How long do you have to keep her entertained haha!

  6. We skipped sippy cups and went straight to cups with lids and straws. London preferred them so I didn't waste money trying other cups (after he turned down the first couple!) YAY for trips home! That's a GREAT deal!

  7. We had a really hard getting Swede to drop the bottle before nap and before bedtime. It was probably close to 18 months that she stopped wanting it. We didn't ever have much luck with sippy cups but she loves her straw cups. We still use them as water bottles.
    I love the comparison photos. I'm obsessed with doing comparison photos of Swede vs Abel at the same age. They look so different!

  8. Such a sweet comparison photo! Amelia is just so angelic.
    We've tried a few types of standard sippy cups and the 360 cup with no luck! The only one that Josie will drink out of is the Nuby 2 Handle Flip n' Sip Straw Cup (we have one in the brand name and two in President's Choice and they're all the same). They're a bit of a pain to wash because of the straw, but we mostly use it for water so I'm fine with going a day or two between washing them.
    I almost bought a set of contigo flip straw bottles at Costco last night but decided against it because they were pretty big around and didn't have handles. But they seem to be a similar idea to the nuby ones I use.

  9. Arianna prefers straw cups but she still likes milk only from a bottle. I'm starting with the morning one first. I gave her milk in a sippy cup this morning and she gave me a dirty look lol

  10. mom - now grandmaMarch 04, 2016 6:15 AM

    We are so excited you are coming for a visit - blowing up the balloons, getting the red carpet out and
    and I get to play with Amelia all day long... you can sleep, run, eat whatever you want to....
    it will be cottage time - her first time in Lake Huron! - wow you would think I'm excited or something.
    Oh and I will stockpile all the monster cookies you can eat

  11. Wes loves straw cups. Like LOVES them.

  12. I think we booked opposing trips; I'm headed from KW to Calgary in June thanks to the WJ birthday seat sale. Great prices.

  13. Amelia is a cutie, I love those chubby cheeks!

  14. WestJet has had some great seat sales on lately! Eric flew home to FSJ a few weeks ago for a 1/4 of what it used to cost when we first moved down here. It's awesome!

    Amelia has changed so much! She's turning into a little girl and no longer is a baby. So cute!!



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