Friday, April 29, 2016

Fitness Friday

I didn't mean to be so quiet this week in terms of blogging, but I just didn't have much to talk about. Only five more weeks of training until the Calgary half marathon - craziness! Tomorrow I'm running the 15k at Eyeball the Wall. I haven't run it before and never run around the Glenmore Reservoir. 

Friday April 22
  • rest day
Saturday April 23
  • 16km long run {5:25/km pace}
    • 5k easy (6:16, 5:45, 5:38, 5:41, 5:41)
      6k tempo (5:13, 5:08, 5:04, 5:04, 4:53, 5:05)
      5k easy (5:23, 5:30, 5:23, 5:27, 5:29 

Sunday April 24

Dying after the burpees!

Monday April 25
  •  4km walk
  • at home workout
 Tuesday April 26
  • 1km warm up/cool down
  • 5km tempo- was aiming to hit around 5 min /km and they were: 4:47, 5:02, 4:58, 5:00, 4:56
 Wednesday April 27
  • 21 day dirty thirty fix
 Thursday April 28
  • 30 minute easy run (5kms) 

Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. Great week of workouts! Good luck at the race!

    I had an ok week. Dental work threw off my momentum at the beginning of the week, I just felt so terrible afterwards and still not great the day after.

  2. Nice job on that 5k tempo run! that's so speedy! Good luck at your 15k race this weekend. I hope you get nice weather for the race!

    My week of work outs was pretty crappy. We did a ton of walking over the weekend and went for a long walk on Sunday but then I did nothing Mon-Wed as I was so exhausted when traveling. I did manage to go to yoga sculpt last night but I was too tired to get my butt out of bed for the 6 am class today so I guess I will count moving more boxes over to Phil's as my workout! I''m planning to go to my last yoga class tomorrow (I'm dropping my membership due to the move + surgery) and then on Sunday I want to get a long walk in. My workouts sure look different these days but I am just trying to happy with what I'm able to do.

  3. Have fun at the race tomorrow! Glenmore reservoir is a beautiful place to run!

  4. Great week! I was wondering why you were so quiet ;) You're going to do great at your run tomorrow!

  5. Nice job on all the workouts! My workouts have SUCKED for the last 2 months haha. But tomorrow I'm going to a bootcamp class that I'm going to do on Tuesday mornings for the next few weeks and then next week I start teaching spin on Monday and Wednesday so I'm slowly but surely getting myself back into a routine...



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