Monday, April 4, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

We had a great weekend! One of those that had lots of stuff happening and you didn't feel like you sat down at all, but still had fun. Let's see what were up to:

{friday} it was a gorgeous day out, so after dinner we hung out in the backyard throwing the ball and letting Amelia crawl around. We put her down on the grass and this was her response:

Funny girl. We also had some fun throwing her in the air- she loved it!

After Amelia was in bed, I headed out for my run. 11kms in the sunshine wasn't too bad at all :)

{saturday} I was up just after 7am and got right to doings stuff around the house. Cleaned the floors, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom. While I was cleaning Amelia had fun with her new hat and tearing apart her room.

Mr.D headed out for his bike date with Justin, so Amelia and I headed to Alison's to take the kids for a walk.  I left a bit early as I needed to stop at the bank, but realized in the line up that I forgot my wallet. D'oh! And Amelia of course fell asleep two minutes into the drive. Ah well, it was another gorgeous day so it was a nice walk and of course spending time with Alison. 

When the boys got back, we hung out in the sunshine and Amelia had fun soaking herself with Harley's water dish. 

I had a hair appointment in the late afternoon (went blonder and more of it) and then came home and we BBQ'd some hot dogs. Super simple, but perfect on a hot April (!?) day.

{sunday} in the morning, we didn't do much. Hung out and played around the house. I left around 11am for my long run with Harley and was definitely over dressed for it! In the afternoon, Amelia went down for a nap and then when she was up, we went to run some errands. When we got back, it was too nice out so I walked to the park near us. Other than that, we did some stuff around the house. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Hats a nice weekend! I've driven all the way to ikea and forgotten my wallet- I hate that!

  2. Oh you're so lucky! We are still getting snow and its so cold!! I am DYING for some sunshine and warmth! I want to go outside after supper and play with Sam but it's so cold and dark!

  3. We had nice weather this weekend too! It makes me so excited for summer.

  4. Sounds like you had much nicer weather than we had this weekend! We're going through another little cold snap, with snow in the forecast for this week... I'm ready for those days when it's too nice to stay inside!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. I want to see a pic of your hair!!

  6. Amelia is so cute! I love the picture of you throwing her. :) Fun weekend!

  7. I want your gorgeous weather! It was warmer here on Sunday but Saturday was awful as it was below 0C when I woke up and didn't get much warmer. I had a super low key weekend which was just what I needed. I spent Friday night with a friend as her husband/Phil had a guys night with some college friends. Saturday I did lots of meal prep and laundry and watched a move with Phil in the evening. Then on Sunday I had zero plans so I made it a shouldless day which was wonderful. :)

  8. Such a gorgeous weekend!! Impressive that you ran 11K in the evening on a Friday!

  9. Awww, I love her hat!! Too cute!!

  10. Love this weather! Thanks again for coming for a walk, nice to get out and chat. I want to see your hair too!

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend! My favourite weekends are the one's where we just hang around he house for the most part. Sully still hates having to put his hands on the grass (like if he has to push himself up from sitting to standing) lol. And yes, pics of your hair please!



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