Monday, April 25, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! As much as it sucks that the weekend is over, I have a short week this week and next, so I'm not complaining too much. 

{friday} after work, I picked Amelia up and headed home to quickly get changed. Alison (and Ryder) came to pick me up so we could go check out the Vixen of Vintage market in Bowness. There was quite a few people there, but luckily it wasn't as crazy as when we went to the Etsy market. Alison found a couple things, but I was way too indecisive to buy anything. I got home just as Amelia was getting out of the bath, so I helped put her to bed and then we just watched tv for the rest of the night. I also decided to look in the bin of clothes I have for Amelia (they are all bigger sizes) and realized that I had a bunch of clothes she has to wear before she grows out of them soon. My burst of energy continued and I cleaned two bathrooms before heading to bed.

{saturday} Mr.D's parents were coming in the afternoon, so I wanted to get my long run done before they came. I left around 9:45am and had a good run, but chilly run along the river. Such a change from last weekend! After my run, I picked up a couple things at the grocery store and headed home. Amelia went down for a nap around 1pm and my in-laws arrived shortly after that. She ended up having a 2.5 hour nap and then we spent the afternoon just hanging out and Mr.D made us a delicious rib dinner. So yummy! Mr.D and I also went to check out an open house that was close to us, but the house was a big no.

{sunday} Mr.D's parents left around 9am and Mr.D also left shortly after that for his weekly bike date with Justin. While he was gone, we took Harley for a walk, played, did laundry, worked out, and went through a bunch of my clothes. I ended up getting rid of a big garbage bag full which felt good! Amelia went down for her nap around 12:45pm, so I had a shower and then laid in bed. Amelia woke up around 3pm and we went to check out two more open houses- we aren't looking super hard, but wanted to check a few out to get a feel for what we want (we know we want about the same size, but different lay out and not on a bus route). The rest of the afternoon was spent skyping with my family and hanging out. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I want to get to one of those markets one day. We have an awesome local one this weekend and I am scared for my bank account lol. So many vendors I want things from! So I will have to be good ;)
    I was going to say I did not know you guys want to move! Same area?

  2. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! That market sounds cool - I didn't know about it! There's always so many cool things going on in this city.

    Also, my blog keeps tagging your comments as spam and I don't know why! So weird. I keep forgetting to check my spam folder and then finding a bunch of comments from you. So if you're wondering why I haven't replied to any of your comments, that's why :/

  3. We looked at some houses too this weekend - hunting can be so frustrating, so I wish you guys the best of luck finding "the" house!

    Other than that, hubby and I ran in a race Sunday morning and then I played slo-pitch in the evening, and now my body hates me, lol

  4. I can't believe you're so productive on Friday night!
    We looked at a house this weekend too! We're hoping to stay in the same neighborhood but want something slightly larger. I can image being on a bus route would be annoying.

  5. nice productive weekend for you! That market looked awesome. Like Lindsey said, we have a good one coming up but I'm not sure if I will go or not because my bank account is already suffering!!

  6. Thanks again for coming with me. I regret not getting those little signs - ha ha! Exciting to be looking at a few houses!! :) Fun!!

  7. I didn't know you guys were wanting to move?! But I could understand that being on a bus route would be annoying. Come to my neighbourhood!! Two new schools being built :) :) Haha. Sounds like a great weekend though! Hard to believe it was so hot out last weekend.

  8. Are you guys thinking of moving too? Love house hunting and getting new decor ideas! Soo jealous of all the small vendor sales you guys get!!! I need to start sorting out Emilya's hand me downs into bins and get her drawers set up!

  9. That's a good idea to look at listings and go to open houses so you will be ready to buy and know what's out there when the time is right for you guys! It's kind of fun to look at listings, Especially when you aren't in a rush to buy!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Mine was awesome as I explored SF with Phil and Kyria! Made me think of our trip there in 2014!!



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