Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #6

Linking up again this week with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Join in on the fun!

1. Recent meals

Here are a couple meals that we've had recently:

Hoisin stir fry bowls {so easy and so delicious!} 
Easy southwest mac and cheese 
Thai chicken flatbread pizza {another super easy and delicious meal}
Pad thai {Mr.D liked it, but it wasn't a favourite of mine}

2. Goals

I've been thinking about my goals for the Calgary half marathon. Not sure I want to put them out there, but I always find that race recaps make me pumped up. Does anyone have any to share? I'd also love some race reports of people who ran a half marathon in 1:45-1:50. Not saying that's my goal, I'm curious about something and want to check it out. 

Related to the Calgary half marathon, my training is going well. Solana's plan is definitely kicking my butt and making me work. My legs were feeling dead last week, but this week they are feeling much better. 

3. Visitors

This weekend, Mr.D's parents are coming down for a visit. And then next weekend my mom is in town Friday night to Tuesday. As much as it means that I can't do some of our normal weekend things, it's nice to have company and spend time with both grandparents. Maybe Mr.D and I can sneak off for a date night :)

That's all I've got for today! Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. My half goal is sub 1:50 which I haven't done in 5 years now. Eek!!
    Love those hoisin bowls too!

  2. It can be scary to share your goals. I still haven't shared my goals for the Toronto Marathon either but I totally think you're going to rock that race.

  3. My entire routine goes out the window when we have guests, but I love the company! That's nice that your mom is coming down for a short visit! You two definitely need to sneak out for a date night! :)

  4. My half PR is 1:49, I did it when I was 21 and again at 31 the year before Swede would born... Would love to get back there but it's going to take a LOT of work. You are definitely putting in the work though! I'm pretty sure Anne at Fannetastic Food has several recaps at that pace for various races.

  5. Ooooh that hoisin bowl was SO good. I'm going to have to try the pad thai, it's Liams favourite when we eat out.

  6. YAY for grand parent time!! Just remember my offer STILL stands to hang with Amelia so you guys can enjoy an early dinner or lunch!! :)
    Great goals!
    I need to try the Hoisin bowl.. J probably won't like it. :)

  7. mom - now grandmaApril 22, 2016 8:01 AM

    WHAT the heck is the "normal weekend things" - you just do your normal weekend things and I will hang with Amelia and tell her that I'm the love of her life.,... and you are going out for date nights.... while I hang out with Amelia and plan our great escapades.
    Grandma rules

  8. My PR is 1:52 so I'm no help :( I hope you find an inspiring recap to read! I bet you can run a half in that range!



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