Thursday, May 5, 2016

Eyeball the wall 15k: {race report}

On Saturday, I ran the eyeball the wall 15k race. I forget how I found out about this race, but it fit perfectly into my training schedule. And the price was awesome at $30- can't beat that!

I picked my race package up on Thursday after work since it was close to my work. It was a no frills race package- it included your race number, some pamphlets and some coupons. I didn't mind as I don't often wear race shirts and we got cool medals instead!

On the race morning, I headed to the start (South Glenmore Park) before Mr.D and my mom since it was chilly out and they didn't need to wait so long for me. I also had two warm up kilometers to do, so I wanted lots of time. When I arrived, the parking was full so I ended up having to park across the street from the park. No big deal as it was a quick walk to the start. The 30km race started at 9am, which was nice so the start wasn't jammed pack. I was done my warm up kilometers and hung out by the start line chatting with an older lady about the race. Before I knew it, it was go time!

Going into the race, Solana wanted me to run close to 5 minute kilometers which I have been nailing in my tempo runs. I decided to try and hang on for as long as I could.

Kilometers 1-5
5:00, 5:23, 5:02, 4:58, 5:29 

Right from the start, I fell into step beside a lady and we ended up chatting and running together for a while. An older gentleman also joined our group, and he had run so many marathons that he had lost count, haha.

Kilometers 6-10
5:24, 4:52, 5:07, 5:17, 5:17 

I had to walk part of the big hill coming out of the weaselhead and it definitely took me a while to recover from that! There was also so many bugs that you were constantly spitting them out or brushing them off your face. 

Kilometer 11-15
5:19, 5:20, 5:12, 5:40, 5:14 

The hill coming up by the Rockyview General Hospital and then the rollers back towards South Glenmore Park definitely took their toll on me. I started struggling a bit mentally and that affected my pace. Must work on that mental strength! 

Once I crossed the finish line, I received my mental and grabbed water and snacks. Mr.D, my mom and sleeping Amelia were waiting for me with a great sign:


24th out of 333 women
70th out of 458 participants

I have run one other 15k race {race report} and finished that one in 1:26. A 7 minute PR is pretty good! Overall, a great race to run! Well organized, and a great course.


  1. So fun! This is making me miss running!

  2. Congratulations, that's an awesome race. That medal is really cool. I love running around the resevoir because it's pretty but those little bugs are the worst.

  3. Congrats! You did awesome! You are so fast!! I have a pretty good feeling that I still won't be able to keep up with you pushing a stroller on Saturday ;)

  4. Way to go! I thought about doing this race but I ended up having other things going on last weekend. Glad to hear that it's a good race!

  5. Nice job friend!!!!!! The medals are pretty awesome! I may have to add this one next year ;)

  6. Awesome race! Those paces though! Your overall time is 7 minutes slower than my 10k PR. I seriously wish I had your speed!!

  7. Congratulations on a great race! Sounds like your hard work and coaching is really paying off.
    I think big races are really fun - So much ENERGY! But I also love small low-key cheap races too!

  8. You're speedy!! Way to go! I am doing a 15km at the end of May but I'm nowhere near ready for it. I can't even remember the last time I ran more than 6km and all the smoke up here in northeastern bc is not making running an easy task these days!

  9. I'd say that a 7 minute PR is AMAZING! Especially for a shorter distance like a 15k. Way to go, Leigh! You are so speedy!!!

  10. Awesome race, and amazing time! Congrats!

  11. Great job! You are so speedy. So nice your mom could be here too!!

  12. Wow, great job on your race and that huge PR!



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