Friday, May 13, 2016

Fitness Friday

Linking up with Kris for another Fitness Friday and a look back at my weekly training.

Saturday May 7
  • 4km fun run {St. Patrick's Island run} with all of the lovely ladies
  • 4km walk with Harley

Sunday May 8
  • 16km long run {5:52/km pace}. I really focused on slowing down my pace and was able to pick up the pace for the last three kilometers. 

Monday May 9
  • 4km walk with Harley

Tuesday May 10 
  • 1km warm up/ cool down
    • 10 x 1 on/ 1 off 
  • 10 min core workout

Wednesday May 11
  • rest day

Thursday May 12
  • 1km warm up/cool down
  • 2 min on/ 2 min off x 6
  • 3 min on/ 3 min off x4
    • total kms= 10.3 

Tell me: how was your week of training?


  1. Nice work on another solid week of training! You are going to do great at your 1/2 later this month!! I was hoping to get a nice long walk in on Sunday but that didn't happen since I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to push it with my surgery being the next day. So "exercise" these days are PT exercises. I'm not able to do much yet since I'm non-weight bearing but I've been diligent about doing what I can. And I am supposed to bike each day with my well leg and the bad leg goes "along for the ride" so I am going to sign up for a gym membership today so I can do that.

  2. Great week of workouts! I can't believe race day is coming up so quick!!

  3. It sounds like you are killing your training Leigh! Awesome job!

  4. Looks like a solid week. Mine was definitely a lot of resting but I'm okay with it.

  5. Great week of running! Race day is so soon! Excited I get to see you again this weekend :)

  6. You all look so festive in your bright colors and leis. My week workout wise was pretty good, although I felt pretty exhausted because of some shorter nights of sleep (getting to bed late/waking up early for one reason or another, sometimes baby related). I've also been working on strengthening my right glute, so that felt sore most of this week. I got in 4 days of running so far as well as a little strength training and yoga at home. And a few walks and hikes with the baby. Really need a good rest day this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. That's an awesome week of workouts!
    I'm pumped that my leg is finally letting me run pain-free.

  8. Awesome workouts! I MUST get back on the workout train this week!!!



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