Monday, May 9, 2016

Scenes from the weekend: fun run, sunshine and Mother's day

Happy Monday everyone! I had a great weekend- busy, but lots of fun. I need one more day to recover from it ;)

{friday} my work was having a BBQ after work, so I left work early so I could head home to walk Harley and pick up Amelia. Mr.D was gone to a rugby tournament or else I would have gotten him to pick her up. We got back to my work around 4:30pm and Amelia loved getting lots of attention and crawling around on our deck- she was so dirty by the end!

We got home around 7pm and it was straight to the bath for her! Once Amelia was in bed, I cleaned up the house and laid in bed watching the Barkley Marathon on Netflix.

{saturday} Amelia luckily slept in until 7:15am that morning, which I was a big fan of. I had won an entrance to the St. Patrick's Island 4K run thanks to Becky, so Amelia and I headed down there for 10:30am. Going into it, I knew it was just going to be a fun run since I was pushing Amelia and had to run 18kms the next day. The course was a little strange, but it did finish on the island which they have recently updated. It's super nice in there! Leslie and I ended up running together and it was great to catch up with her.

Becky, June, Brie, Kaella, myself, Leslie and Ang
Amelia fell asleep on the run, so after we finished we joined the really long line for the food truck {they gave us a food ticket with our race package}. The food was good, but it might have been because we waited forever for it! I won't complain too much as the weather was gorgeous and it was nice chatting with everyone.

After the race, we headed home and played outside with water and toys. Amelia went down for a nap and I crashed for a bit as well. After her nap, we took Harley for a walk and hung out with our neighbours until bedtime. Mr.D got home later that night.

look at that belly!

{sunday} I got to have a fabulous sleep in until 8:15am and when I got home, Mr.D had made us pancakes and bacon. I left around 10am for my long run while Mr.D and Amelia got groceries. The weather was cooler than Saturday, which made for a nice run.

When I got home from my run, we had lunch and then Amelia went down for two hour a nap. Mr.D and I crashed shortly after her and the nap was wonderful! The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, hanging out and making apple crisp. Mr.D made us a delicious dinner as well!

When Mr.D asked me what I wanted for mother's day, I said that all I wanted was to go for a run and take a nap. I'm pretty easy to please- even though he spoiled me with a massage, a lulu gift card and breakfast made. I'm a lucky lady!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I love fun runs! We did one this weekend too, well I mainly walked but ran a few times :) It was so nice out Saturday! Love the photo of Amelia on your deck :) Does she have a water table? It is one of the best things I bought for A, she spends hours on the deck playing at it.
    Glad you got your Mother's Day wishes!! I think your requests were perfect :)

  2. Looks like a really great weekend! Mine was a little up and down... I had to stop by long run at 2.5 miles because a) Abel was unhappy in the gym child care and then b) Jonathan locked his keys in the car... Arg! We also had lousy weather unfortunately - I am so ready for summer!

  3. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day. It was nice to see you and Amelia on Saturday!

  4. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day! I'm usually pretty easy to please too - sometimes I think husbands forget it doesn't take much to make us happy/make our day! ;) Loved getting to hang out with everyone on Saturday! It's definitely my favourite part of running :)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

  6. I loved being able to chat with you Saturday (although it's always too fast!) Getting excited for Calgary now! I can't believe it's less than three weeks away!! AHH!! Happy Mother's Day! Solo run times really are a treat xxx

  7. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Good job on the race!! Noah loves playing with water on the deck too! Such endless fun for any age haha. Glad you had a great Mothers Day

  8. That sounds like an awesome weekend -- you got a lot of running in and Mr. D totally spoiled you for Mother's Day!

  9. I'm glad you got what you wanted for Mother's Day - and then some! Mr. D sure did a great job wth your gift!

    We had a beautiful weekend here, too, but I was barely outside. Friday we moved the rest of my stuff, Saturday we did more unpacking and then went to my nephews first communion. It was awesome seeing family. And then Sunday I laid low as came down with a head cold and was paranoid they would cancel surgery so I took it I easy so it wouldn't get worse. I did laundry and cleaned our bathrooms, though, as I wanted to make some contribution as I won't be able to do much while on crutches

  10. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day! Glad you got just what you wanted! :)

  11. What a fun race, holy crap the weather though! Looks like August. I'll look out for you at the end of the month, I'm running the half :)



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