Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I felt like posting today, but wasn't sure what exactly about, so I took a page from Lisa's book and am doing a currently post. 

Reading: I just started reading Touch by Claire North after Paula mentioned it on her blog. Not 100% sure what I think of it so far, but I'll keep reading. Need to start the next book for Brie's book club as well.  I read the other two that weren't picked, and liked both of them.

Loving: that I have one more work day and then I'm off until next Tuesday afternoon. Also loving that Amelia and I are heading to Ontario to see my family.  

Thinking: about how dang hot it is here! (30C) I was seriously tempted to sleep on Amelia's bedroom floor as her room is the only one with air conditioning.

Frustrated: I wouldn't say anything in particular. 

Feeling: a bit overwhelmed with life and things that need to get done. Ie: packing our bag, cleaning the bathroom, etc and not having enough time.
Anticipating: our trip to Ontario and how the flights are going to go. Fingers crossed Amelia doesn't have a freak out or want to walk everywhere on the airplane. Wish me luck!!

Watching: I missed Bachelorette night on Monday, so I was catching up on it last night. Chad is still a douche, and I really like Chase. He's cute and seems like such a sweetheart!

Tell me: something you are loving, thinking, or loving!


  1. You guys have a safe trip! Amelia will do great, bring lots of snacks lol. That is always my plan :) I never thought I needed AC in a house but now love having it, especially with a baby!

  2. I want to read more. Is Brie's book club open to all? I think being a part of a group would force me to actually set aside time to read. I missed the Bachelorette too. I plan to catch up tonight! Have a great trip visiting your family! :)

  3. Your hot weather is headed our way! I'm excited for it, though, as we will be at a lake resort this weekend so it will be good weather for being by water! But it's awful for sleeping if you don't have a/c so I feel for you guys! We have a/c but we don't run it often as Phil's frugal and I get cold easily. But some summer nights are just unbearable without it, especially when it's humid!

    I'm loving the cuddles from Oscar and thinking about how fun our weekend away is going to be!

  4. I just prepped a post like this for today too!! :) Funny. I pick up Brie's book club book on Monday. It's SO hot. Have a great trip!!

  5. Have a great trip to Ontario! Hope the flights go well with Amelia!!

  6. Good luck with your flight! I am always in awe of parents on the plane with their car seats and multiple bags and kids and how they juggle it all so well. I am sure you will be fine. Just remember that it's no big deal if she cries or walks around or touches people. They will get over it. You can't control everything!



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