Friday, June 24, 2016

Fitness Friday

The two weeks after running the half at Calgary Marathon were pretty lame workout wise. I had zero motivation to run and I barely did any workouts. It was kind of nice! My motivation has come back, so I decided to work with Solana again. I signed up for the Edmonton marathon on August 21st- no goals yet, but hoping to take a bit more time off. Fingers crossed my training goes to plan.

I also signed up to run the Canmore half marathon in September as a fun race. The scenery should help too!

Saturday June 18
  • 12kms total {5:33/km pace}
    • 5km easy with Harley
    • 2km tempo (4:38, 4:41)
    • 5km easy
Sunday June 19
  • 10.29km long run with Harley {5:59/km pace}
  • 21 day lower and cardio fix
Monday June 20
  • tabata workout at lunch
Tuesday June 21
  • 21 day total body cardio 
Wednesday June 22
  • 1km warm up
    • 1 on/1 off x10
    • 1.5km cool down
    • 6km total
Thursday June 23
  •  3.6km warm up with Harley
    • 2 on/ 2 off x4
    • 3 on/ 3 off x2
    • 1km cool down


  1. You deserve a bit of a break after working so hard for Calgary!! I have no doubt you'll kick butt at both of those races!!

  2. Are you doing the full or half at Edmonton? I bet it feels great to have another race goal to work towards. That was always really motivating for me. I had a harder time staying motivated to run/do tougher runs when I wasn't training for anything!

    My week of workouts has been terrible. I had something going on every night this week except Wednesday so Wednesday is the only night I got to the gym. I love living with Phil but I miss having a gym in my building. I have to be at work so early so I just don't have it in me to get up at like 4:30 to go to the gym before work! But oh well. I did bike about 10 miles yesterday as I biked to and from book club last night. It felt great to get out on my bike!

  3. You definitely earned a hit of break, don't feel bad!! Are you doing the half in Edmonton? You go girl! ;)



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