Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Visit to Ontario

Amelia and I hadn't been back to Ontario since December, so it was about time we went for a visit to see my family. Let's rewind to last Thursday:

[thursday] our flight left at 1pm, so Mr.D dropped us off in the morning before he headed to school. We had lots of time to kill, so I let Amelia play in the kids area before the security. She had a blast walking around and playing with some other kids. Once through security it was a game of killing more time, so we walked around lots and found ways to entertain ourselves. Ah, the lovely flight. Let's just say that Amelia slept for 10 minutes (!!!!) and then wanted to throw things and walk around. It was a long 3.5 hours. My mom picked us up and we didn't do much as we didn't get back to her house until 7:30pm.

[friday] we had a quiet day just hanging around my mom's house. Went for lots of wagon rides and made a couple trips to the park to go on the swings. My brothers and gang came over for dinner. It was fun to see Amelia and her cousin C together again (they are 9 days apart).

the start of the attachment to this random baby grandma bought

[saturday] once Amelia was up in the morning, we packed up some stuff and headed up to my mom's cottage in Grand Bend. It was a hot day (32C), so it was nice to be at the beach. Before the kids went down for a nap, we took them to the splash pad and they had a ball!

While the kids were taking a nap, we hung out in the sun and played some badminton. Once the kids were up, we headed to the splash pad again and to see the beach.

It was such a fun day! We ended up driving back to my mom's house that night so Amelia could sleep in the crib.

[sunday] we didn't do much in the morning, but Amelia woke up in a CRANKY mood that day. In the afternoon, we headed to my aunt's house for a BBQ so I could see my dad. Amelia was happy for a while and then flipped a switch and would lose it on and off. We ended up having to leave early and of course she was asleep in two seconds in the car. When I got back my mom's, I let her sleep in her car with the windows down while I sat on my mom's front porch reading. 

[monday] in the morning, Amelia and I went to visit with my dad and his wife, who is currently in a home recovering from a broken pelvis. Amelia fell asleep again on the way back to my mom's, but I was luckily able to to transfer her to the crib where she slept for almost three hours!! My brother, SIL and Charlie came over in the late afternoon for a last playdate before we had to catch our flight.

We headed out to the airport and thought we weren't going to make our flight as traffic was super backed up. After a u-turn and finding another way, we made it on time! This flight started off pretty rough with Amelia, but she luckily fell asleep for the last two hours. 

It was a busy trip, but so glad we were able to make it back and spend time with my family.


  1. That's so great you got to go to Ontario to see your family! Flights with toddlers are rough! We are going to Nova Scotia in September and it will be the first time Sam has his own seat. A little nervous about that! xo

  2. Looks like you and Amelia had a blast!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun visit home. The picture of her holding hands with her cousin is so sweet! It will be fun to watch those 2 grow up together! I am glad the flight home went better than the flight there!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome visit home!

    (And now seeing another picture of the doll, it totally is a Baby Stella! They're awesome - and probably a great garage sale score since they're not cheap!)

  5. Glad you were able to make the trip home and spend time with family!

  6. I forgot Grand Bend had a splash pad!!! Looks like a fun trip, but travelling with toddlers is no joke!!! Such a hard age between her age now and 2!!

  7. Glad you guys had a great visit aside from the rough flights.

  8. So great that you were able to spent time with family. Amelia and her cousin are so cute together! I'm sorry the flights were rough. I haven't flown with the kids yet and am scared to! Love that last photo of A with the ice cream cone!

  9. Looks like you guys had a great visit! So nice that your mom has a cabin! Fun! I can't believe you hung out at the airport all morning when you left lol! I would have lost my mind haha!!

  10. That sounds like a wonderful visit! The beach by your moms cottage looks absolutely amazing!! What a great place to spend time in the summer. So awesome Amelia and her cousin C are so close together in age. I have a cousin who is 16 days younger than me and we were very close growing up. I consider him more like a brother than a cousin now!

  11. What a great trip to visit your family!! The splash pad looks awesome! You are a trooper for travelling on your own with Amelia!



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