Friday, July 15, 2016

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week has felt super long for some reason, so I am super excited the weekend is here. Let's see how my training went for the last week:

Saturday July 9th
  • 16km long run
    • 3k easy, 10k tempo, 3k easy
    • 5:13/km average pace

Sunday July 10th
  • 10.25km easy run with Harley
    •  5:50/km average pace

Monday July 11th
  • power flow yoga- a yoga place next to work had a free week, so I decided to try it out since I could go during my lunch hour. My arms/shoulders were so sore the next day!

Tuesday July 12th
  • I was feeling super tired from being on my feet all day for our work Stampede BBQ, so I chatted with Solana and decided to do an easy run instead
  • 7kms, 6:00/km average pace

Wednesday July 13th
  • barre fit - I was sweaty by the end!

Thursday July 14th
  • 1km warm up/cool down, 2 min on/ 2 min off x 6, 3 min on/ 3 min off x4
    • 10.22kms
    • it started raining pretty close to when I left for my run, so I was soaked for the first 30 mins. I did see a rainbow near the end of it though! 

Tell me: how was your week of workouts/training?


  1. Nice work on another solid week of workouts. I bet it's great to have a coach to talk to on days like Tuesday where you aren't sure what you should do. That way you can feel good about what you decided to do because it was decided by someone else (i.e. you won't feel like you should have done more).

    My workouts are still so incredibly lame. I just went on walks and did my PT exercises. I got cleared to slowly add some biking back at my PT appt yesterday, though, so hopefully that goes ok. I'm really struggling with being patient right now as I'm almost 10 weeks post-op and it still feels like running is so far off. :/ I know surgery was the right decision as it hurt to walk before surgery, but I underestimated how long the recovery process would take.

  2. You have had a lot of variety in your workouts lately! My workouts have been kind of all over the place. I teach spin once a week so that's been steady and I run 1-2 x a week, go to yoga onceish a week and then try to do a bit of strength training a couple times a week. I just did total body cardio fix from the 21 day fix dvd's yesterday and my butt / lower body is soooo sore today!

  3. I feel like I haven't done an actual workout in weeks. Yikes!



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