Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I don't want to forget

Since going back to work, I feel like life is just flying by. I was looking back through some pictures on my computer from when Amelia was a baby, and felt like it all went by in a blur. Before I forget certain things that Amelia is doing at almost 18 months old, I thought I would share some of them.

  • the amazing, double arm around the neck hugs she gives me
  • how she says dadda in such a happy voice in the morning when Mr.D goes to get her
  • her "oh wow" face 
  • how her favourite word is no and LOVES to say it
  • every morning, I put her on our bathroom counter while I brush my teeth. Once I am done, I stand her up and she loves to "stamp" her feet
  • when I'm getting her bath ready, she loves to sit between the wall and toilet and pretend to hide on me
  • how much she hates putting her pjs on after her bath
  • how she loves to run around the house with a random piece of clothing around her neck or on her head
  • her giggles when we pretend to chase her around the house
  • how she loves to bring us different shoes for us to put on and then giggles when we put them on our feet


  1. I love these!!!
    Oh I love the laugh that comes out of Rylie when we pretend top chase her too. It's so contagious.

  2. It's the little things that really are important! I keep a book with cute things the kids do or say each day beside my bed so I can record them.

    Amelia is such a happy, silly girl!

  3. Aw, these were fun to read! I think it's a good idea to do posts on this these so you can go back and read them down the road. I love how Allison does posts about things Delainey says as they are funny to read and a great way for her to keep track of things she's said so she can go back re-read them! It sounds like Amelia is at such a fun age!!

  4. Aw so sweet. It's crazy how fast time flies isn't it?! And things you think are adorable that you are so sure they will keep doing also pass in a blurr. I try to write things down too, especially things he says these days.

  5. She is just the sweetest! And how is she almost 18 months already?! It's crazy (and so sad) how quickly time goes by. I wish we could slow it down and keep them in these funny, innocent years for longer.

  6. Love this. They are so sweet and silly at this age. She's adorable. Love her.

  7. Time has flown! It honestly feels like yesterday we were all in SF together and you were pregnant. Amelia is SO CUTE. I am loving your snapchat videos of her!



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