Monday, July 4, 2016

Scenes from the weekend: Canada Day, hiking, park time

Happy Monday everyone! We had a fun, and busy weekend. Let's see what we were up to:

[thursday] we'll start with Thursday night- after dinner, we took Amelia for a wagon ride and she decided that she wanted to walk more than ride. Let's just say it was a slow walk :)

Once Amelia was in bed, I went for a 60 min (11.39km) easy run. It was a hot one though!

[friday] it was Canada Day, and we decided to head to the mountains with Alison & her family for a hike. The highway was insanely slow as there was at least two accidents. We finally made it out to Elbow Lake, and Amelia proceeded to lose it when we put her in the hiking back pack. Let's just say the beginning of the hike was not so much fun, but she luckily calmed down. It is a short, but steep hike to the top where there are communal fire pits, so we roasted some hot dogs. We had both of the dogs with us, so we let them go for a swim before we headed back down. Luckily, Amelia was much happier this time!

The drive home was much better and Amelia had a much needed nap. We didn't do much for the rest of the night as we were pretty tired.

[saturday] in the morning, Mr.D and Justin headed out for their bike date. Amelia and I had no plans and it was a gorgeous morning, so we headed down to Bowness Park. We ended up staying there playing on the play ground and walking around for almost two hours! 

Once Mr.D got home and Amelia went down for a nap, I headed out for a hot and terrible long run. My mind and legs just weren't into the run, so it made for a long 16kms. Got it done though. The rest of the night was spent watching OITNB and hanging out at home.

[sunday] after I got up, Mr.D headed out for groceries while Amelia and I hung out at home making cookies. Amelia was a bit of a grump {figured out later it was because she had to poop}, but we got through it. After Mr.D returned, I headed out with Harley for a run. I decided to run from our house to Bowness Park and that Mr.D & Amelia would meet us there. We got there and super dark clouds had rolled in, so we didn't end up staying too long. 

After Amelia's nap, we headed out for a get together with our baby group. It was fun to see all of the kids together and catch up with the other moms.

And, there is another weekend gone!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Sorry to hear that your long run was a tough one. I hated having tough runs like that. I am sure that the heat did not help, though, and I always struggled with runs in the middle of the day. Good for you for fitting it in amidst a busy weekend and for getting through it!

    Your Canada day looked awesome - what a beautiful area to hike! You are lucky to live close to such great hiking! That's one downside to where I live as there aren't any mountains around us. There is some good hiking 2.5-3 hours north of us, though, so eventually I'd like to go up there with Phil to do some hiking. It's a long weekend for us, too, since today is a holiday but I took the whole week off. Woo hoo! We hosted a BBQ yesterday which was really fun and today we'll have a low key day at home.

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend!!

  3. I hate runs like that - good for you for getting it done! My run yesterday days was not great and I blame bad eating and drinking on Saturday for that!
    I am planning on going for a hike with the girls at Bragg Creek when Chad is off on holidays - her photos make me want to get out on more! Glad you guys got to go on one together :)

  4. Your hiking trip on Canada Day looks like fun (except for the A's hiking backpack meltdown... at least she got over it) and so pretty! My kids are at a tough age for hiking... Well Abel does well but Swede is too big for the backpack but too little to hike very far.

  5. What a great long weekend you had - you were outside so much!! You are also knocking out some really long runs lately, great job!

  6. Sounds like a fun and busy long weekend! That hike sounds really nice! At least it looks like Amelia warmed up to the carrier?? Haha. Has she been in it before. Sully loses his mind when he sees it since he loves it so much haha. We should plan a weekend (or even one or your off days) to Kayben Family Farm with some of the other girls. Have you been? It's a bit of a hike for you..., but we really like it there!

  7. mom - now grandmaJuly 05, 2016 6:42 AM

    what great pictures - Amelia has soooo much attitude - and love every minute of it,,,, the area is gorgeous
    and such a good example of how amazing Canada is. Have to say the pic of the dads with the kids looks like an accident waiting to so much fun for you.



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