Monday, July 11, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Another busy weekend around these parts. Lots of crazy thunderstorms too!

[friday] after work on Friday, I went straight to the mall as I desperately need some new summer clothes (shorts, bathing suit, etc). I had zero luck for myself minus a tank top and a pair of sandals, but did walk out with a new roller for my calves, some clothes for Amelia and some hair stuff for Mr.D. I sometimes hate shopping so much! I got home right as Amelia was going to bed, so I had a quick cuddle with her. 

[saturday] in the morning, Mr.D and Justin went for their bike date, so I decided to take Amelia to the Bowness stampede parade. I was parking on a side street and as I got out of the car, this older lady came out of the duplex and was like "you're not parking there are you?" in a super rude voice. I kind of looked around and said yes, there are not any 'no parking' signs. She then said that she just called her daughter and told her there was parking (there was also a parking spot right behind me or across the street). I kept going about getting the stroller and Amelia out of the car. As soon as she saw Amelia her tune totally changed and was super friendly. It was so weird!

Anyways, we ended up being near the end of the parade, so we had to wait a bit before it went by us. Amelia loved watching everything go by and trying to join it, haha. We also got a bunch of candy! Once the parade was done, we went to Bowness Park for a little bit. Amelia ended up falling asleep on our way home, but she luckily transferred from the car seat to crib without any issue.

Amelia woke up on the wrong side of the crib, so it was a LONG afternoon/evening until bedtime. All she wanted to do was whine, say no over and over again, and hit me in the face. 

I ended up deciding to run from home to Shouldice Park for my long run of 16kms and Mr.D and Amelia picked me up.

[sunday] my BIL, SIL and nieces were in town, so we went to meet them for brunch before they drove home. It was a quick visit and all Amelia wanted to do was walk all over the lobby. Life with a toddler! After brunch, we stopped at CrossIron Mills, and I had a bit more luck. Found a bathing suit, jean jacket and a tank top. Still no shorts though! Where does one find cute jean shorts that aren't super short? 

Excited about her new shoes!

We got home around 12:30pm and Amelia went down for a nap shortly after that. I headed out with Harley for my easy run and it was hot and windy! We ended up running just over 10kms. 

The rest of the day was just spent hanging out at home and watching a new TV series called The Affair. Has anyone else watched it?

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Lately, I have the best luck for shorts at Retmains or Joe Fresh for shorts that are no booty shorts! Sounds like a great weekend! xo

  2. I'm glad you had fun at the Bowness parade - I see our float in one of your pictures! Ugh, jean shorts are seriously the bane of my existence. I can never find ones that fit both my thighs and my waist properly.

  3. I am so sick of shopping these days, nothing fits right or the styles are not for me - too baggy or something and things just look messy. I give up lol. Most of my shorts are J Crew or American Eagle.
    That is good there is a smaller parade too as I am guessing the main parade is crazy to get to etc!

  4. She's getting so big!! I definitely don't miss the hitting stage (don't worry it'll stop soon!)

    Ugh and shopping.... yeah, it's horrible for me right now with the weight gain. I did suck it up and buy a swimsuit at Old Navy but only b/c it was 50% off!

  5. The parade sounds like fun! Highlights from my weekend: A good 5 run on Saturday (it's been a while) then my husband and I got a babysitter for a the kids and had a late lunch date (it's also been a long while). Also taking zero photos and being unplugged for most of the time was a nice break.

  6. Aww the pictures of Amelia at the parade are so cute! Those little pigtails!! #hearteyeemoji You already know I hate shopping so I have no advice. But yes, jeans short shopping is the worst!

  7. The parade looks like fun- I'll have to remember that for next year. I LOVE Amelia's little pigtails!

    Did you get your hair done recently? It looks really blonde- I like it! I noticed it last night but forgot to mention it in between snarks!

    Ugh shorts shopping is hell for me. No, there is no such thing as attractive denim shorts, at least not on my bod. That's why I wear dresses all summer ;) In the past I've had luck at Gap or Aritzia for shorts.

  8. I hate shopping so so so so so much. I like having new things but hate the buying process. I gave up on buying shorts years ago as they are always too short for me, especially since I am sort of tall or the size of clothes that I wear, it seems. I hope you can find some that you like soon!

    Wow, I can't believe how rude that woman was to you about parking, especially since you were parking in a legal spot. What a weirdo!

    My weekend was really great as I was at my parents lake home and got to spend time with 3 of my 4 siblings!

  9. Random comment but you look SO much like your mom in that last photo of you!!

    I am not a big shopping fan anymore either. I do love thrift store shopping because I LOVE scoring a good deal but I do not enjoy shopping for full price clothes. lol.

    Amelia's little jean jacket is SO CUTE! I love it.

  10. I hate shopping too. I feel your pain. My favourite shorts are Volcom but the last few years I've only been able to find like size 2 and 4 and I'm definitely not that size anymore. I scored some decent Dex shorts from Dots here that I really like so those are my go tos.



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