Monday, July 18, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! The theme for the weekend was rain, rain and more rain. It's honestly rained everyday for at least a week. At least our grass is looking pretty great ;) 

[friday] I'm trying to think if we did anything after I got home from work, but I can't remember so it must have been a quiet evening :) I think the only noteable thing from the day was that Amelia slept in until 7:15am that morning! That never happens in our house. 

off to school she goes
[saturday]  I got up with Amelia and we hung out until Mr.D got up. Once he was up, he made us some delicious chocolate chip pancakes. Best way to start a Saturday! After breakfast, I got changed and headed out to the Glenmore reservoir for my long run of 18kms. I ended up parking at North Glenmore Park and going counter clockwise around the reservoir. I almost made it back, but it ended up starting to rain on me in the last four kilometers.

When I was done my run, Mr.D had messaged me to say that him and Amelia were heading to the mall since it was so crappy out. Amelia was more than happy to just walk everywhere in the mall, so we just wandered for a bit. We grabbed some lunch and then headed home.

Amelia went down for a nap when we got home, and ended up sleeping for 3 hours! We had to wake her up as it was 4:30pm and knew she wouldn't go to bed then. Once she was up, we had some dinner and then hung out. She didn't end up going to bed until 8pm. Mr.D and I watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which was okay. Nothing great.

[sunday] in the morning, Mr.D and Justin went for their bike date, so Amelia and I went to grab some groceries. When we got home, I cleaned out the fridge {how does so much crud end up in there?!} and then put the groceries away. The sun was finally shining, so we decided to hang out on the deck. Amelia's water table was super full thanks to all of the rain we have been having. She played in it and moved the water to her bucket for at least 30 minutes! She was absolutely soaked, but had so much fun!

Amelia went down for a nap around 1:15pm, so I crawled into bed and had a nap myself before heading out for a run with Harley. We made it just over 7kms before the dark skies were getting closer and the wind started to pick up. I was supposed to run at least 10kms, but the darn rain put a stop to that!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, making dinner and getting ready for another week at work.  

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. That is a bummer that you have had so much rain lately! I hope you have some sunny weather coming your way. We have not have much rain here this summer and while I don't like rainy weekends, we could really use a rainy day!

    My weekend was a mix of being productive and laying low. I had been gone the weekend before so I got a lot of stuff done around the house. On Saturday afternoon I bought a car when Phil got back from golfing. We had test drove some on Thursday so the buying process went pretty fast!

  2. I LOVED the video you shared on snapchat of Amelia with her water table. I love how she was just playing away and couldn't care less about getting soaking wet ha ha!

    That sucks about the rain! We had a pretty nice weekend here, it was super hot yesterday!

  3. Isn't is awesome how something as simple as a water table can keep them occupied for so long?! Those snaps were so cute! We watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot the other week and thought it was just ok too.

  4. Question I have for all these runners that take do you take a picture of yourself running?

  5. London STILL loves his water table!! I really want to see that movie but may wait awhile if it isn't fantastic!

  6. She's so cute playing at the water table! Sounds like a great low key weekend.

  7. We haven't seen rain for soo long, my grass is pretty brown!!! Love her little back pack!! Looks like she had fun with the water table!!

  8. I'm over the rain. Stampede is done so it can stop.

    I loved watching Amelia play in the water on Snapchat. She was soaked!!

    Good job on your runs. Better the rain than on the treadmill is what I told myself!

  9. That picture of Brian and Amelia is so cute! My niece loves water too. So cute! Great job on the run even with the rain!



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