Thursday, September 29, 2016

Catching up: the grandma's visit

Well, I definitely didn't mean to not blog for a week, but I had zero desire to sit down at my computer while my mom was here. Let's rewind to last week:

My mom flew in on Thursday night, but we didn't get back to our house until 10:30pm, so we had a quick catch up and then headed to bed.

On Friday, we took Amelia to Southland pool to go down the waterslides. She absolutely loved it again! It was less busy this time which was nice. I think the best part was watching my mom go on the big wrecking ball type thing they had. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Trying to remember what we did for the rest of the day- not much I don't think. Hung around the house and made dinner at home.

On Saturday, my mom helped us pack up some boxes and Brian made us a waffle breakfast. Amelia was entertained the whole time by playing and drawing on a box! It was pretty cute. In the afternoon, I put Amelia down for her nap and then headed out to get my hair done. My roots were so bad! That night, my mom watched Amelia so Brian and I could go on a long overdue date night. We went to The Keg and had a delicious dinner! 

Brian went biking on Sunday morning, so it was just us girls hanging out. I'm trying to remember what we did during the day- struggling to do so! Ooh I know, I let Amelia play with pudding in the morning which ended up being more eating it and getting it everywhere, haha.

My mom made us a big early Thanksgiving dinner, and Alison and Justin + the kids came over in the afternoon. Brian's mom also came down from Edmonton for a visit, so we had a big full house. The kids played so well together and Amelia loved copying everything Delainey did. Pretty sure I'm still full from that dinner. 

On Monday, we took Amelia to the zoo and had a fun time! Amelia loved seeing all of the animals and absolutely loved the gorillas and bears. It was so cute! Pretty sure the grandma's had as much fun - they were chasing each other with leaves and climbing on the bear statues. Can't take them anywhere!


On Tuesday, we decided to head to the mall, but Amelia threw an epic tantrum ten minutes after we got there, so we quickly headed home. She ended up falling asleep on the way home and then having a crappy nap once we got home. The weather turned windy and cold, but we decided to brave the park for a bit to get out of the house. That night, Brian took his mom out for dinner and to a concert, so my mom and I made dinner at home and hung out watching This is Us- this show has potential!

And just like that, another visit was over. Why does it have to go so quickly?! For those that have your mom living close to you, I am jealous of you!


  1. That is great that your mom came for a visit! Mine doesn't like close to me either and I rarely get to see her for long stretches as I usually just see her at the lake cabin and around holidays, which tend to be short 2-3 day visits. Plus she is not good about taking time off from work since my dad and her own a business. I wish she was better about that (and I wish they'd retire as they are 68/69!!). Anyways, it looks like a fun visit. I'm impressed with how young your mom and MIL look! They have both aged well. Your Thanksgiving meal sounded delicious - that's my kind of meal!!!

  2. Your hair looks so nice! I think I want to get some highlights done, Since I cut my hair off it seems much darker that it used to be.
    So much fun at the zoo!
    Being close to our parents is 100% why we moved from Denver to Durango. I still miss living in Denver (my friends! and more fun things to do like the zoo!) but it's so nice being close to my mom.

  3. Sounds like such a nice time with your mom visiting! You guys accomplished a lot. Mmmm Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. I feel your pain - no matter how long my mom visits for, it always goes so fast! Looks like you guys had a great visit though! And at least the weather was nice while she was here! So Sully was looking at this while I was reading it and when he saw the picture of you and Brian, he goes "who's that!" I'm like, "that's Leigh, remember her?" And he goes, "no, who's THAT?! He's CROSS!" (At Brian) hahaha. Kids.

  5. That sounds like such a nice visit! Moving away from my mom was one of the hardest parts about our decision to move this spring. We still text every single day but of course it's not the same. It doesn't help that my mom refuses to fly so it's either me flying or driving down there for a visit or no visiting at all. I haven't seen her since the beginning of August and I've been watching for flight deals so I can go down for a weekend visit this fall.

  6. So nice for Amelia and you to have both Grandma visiting!! They are pretty fun! Thanks again for including us in dinner.



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