Monday, September 12, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Oh man, I feel like I need another weekend to recover from this weekend! It was a busy one, but lots of fun things going on. 

[friday] after Amelia went down for the night, I had to run some errands (take back library books, return something to Winners, etc). Pretty sure not much else exciting happened.

[saturday]  we hung around the house in the morning, until I left around 10am to go to the inflight class with part of the blog squad. I had no idea what to expect from the class, but it was actually a lot of fun! More on the class later this week. Alison and I drove together, and we left shortly after the class as we both had to get back home. Shortly after I got home, Brian left to go biking and Amelia went down for a nap. I may have followed her shortly after that ;)

Once Amelia was up, I headed out with her and Harley for a walk in the sunshine. Our night was pretty quiet- packed a few boxes (and cut my toe badly on the tape gun- those things are sharp!)

[sunday] I was up bright and early at Jen was picking me up just after 7am to head to Canmore for the Canmore half marathon. It was pouring rain the whole drive out there, so we were less than excited to actually run the race. We may have even debated just going for breakfast, haha. I'll do a race recap later this week, but we survived and may have even had fun running it! Jen and her husband Tom dropped me back just after 12pm, so I spent some time with Amelia before she went down for a nap. I had a quick shower, and headed back out to go to Leslie's house for a Lorna Jane clothing preview. I didn't end up buying anything {still going to steal your navy capris Leslie!}, but it was nice to chat with the ladies. Before I headed home, I stopped at Superstore to pick up our groceries (we tried out the click n collect and it was so easy!) and then headed home. 

not wet at all!

Brian made a delicious dinner and we facetimed with his mom before Amelia headed to bed. I was dead tired and was very tempted to head to bed at 8pm!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Wow you had a full weekend! Nice job on completing another marathon! I would have been tempted to skip it given the rainy conditions, too, so good for you for getting to the start line! That fitness class you tried sounds fun - I can't wait to hear more about it. I can't wait to be able to do classes again. My cough is mostly gone now but I pulled some muscles in my back from all the coughing so am in too much pain from that to workout as it hurts to breath deeply or move my upper body around. :( Seems like it's one thing after another for me these days!!!

    My weekend was great, though. We went to a Greek fest on Friday and played cards with another couple, Saturday I laid low since my back hurt so much so I just did a little bit of house work and worked in my garden. That night we went to dinner w/ another couple. On Sunday I went to a farmer's market with a friend and her 10 month old and then we went to a local park and walked on a nice wood chip trail around a lake. Then that evening I grilled dinner for Phil and his friend. I'm kind of dragging today since I didn't sleep well all weekend thanks to all that stupid back pain. :(

  2. That's a busy but fun weekend!! I'm sad I missed out on the class and the get together. I need to make a weekend trip to the city soon!!

  3. Great job! I am struggling with weight gain through my pregnancy :( I am going to need some of your motivation come the new year!

  4. I am definitely going to try that click n click thing for my next grocery shop. I like Superstore prices but hate actually going into that place.
    I'm so happy we picked you up and you motivated me to actually run that race.

  5. You DID have a busy weekend! It was nice to get to see everyone so much! Nice work on the race - I can see how wet your hat is from that picture - so I can imagine wanting to skip out for breakfast instead too ;) Running it with someone must have made it much more tolerable though!

  6. That was a busy weekend! Congrats on crossing another half-marathon off the list!!

  7. Busy weekend! I can't wait to hear more about the InFlight class and the half marathon! (Is it the same one Lindsey did?) Looks like it was cold and rainy but I'm glad you managed to have fun.

  8. I do not think I could do that inflight class! I tried aerial yoga which looks similar and hated it!
    Our race day weather could have been better but it was better than it being really hot! I might break my rule of not doing a race twice and re-do that one in better conditions. It was great to see you for those few mins :)



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