Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer holidays: 2016

The first week of August, we packed up the car and headed to Penticton, British Columbia. It's a 7.5 hour drive without traffic or any stops, so I was a little nervous how it was going to go with Amelia. We dropped Harley off at the dog sitters the night before, so we were able to get on the road fairly early. Luckily Amelia did well (minus only having a 40 minute nap) and was fine playing with toys and watching lots of movies on the ipad. 

My in-laws had rented an RV for the week, so we stayed in it with them. We borrowed a pack n play from a friend, and Amelia slept well in it all week which was a relief. 

The week consisted of hanging out at the beach, going down the water slide, playing at the park and having ice cream. Brian went for a couple mountain bike rides and I ran a couple mornings before it got way too hot!

don't mind my crazy vacation hair
all she wanted to do every day was go down this slide into the water

One night, the camp ground had a musician come to sing for the kids. His choice of songs was very odd at first, but more kids starting coming and participating. Amelia slowly inched her way up and before we knew it, she was up there with the big kids dancing and shaking the maraca that the guy had out. It was so cute!

On our way home from Penticton, we stopped in Kamloops to see my aunt, uncle and cousins who live there. The one afternoon we went down to check out the ribfest that was on and we walked right by a splash park. All Amelia wanted to do was go back to it, but I had nothing for her (ie: bathing suit, swim diaper, towel, etc). It was super hot and I knew it would make her happy, so I let her go wild. She absolutely loved it!

We were able to have a family dinner with everyone and just hang out. It was nice to spend time with my cousin as I don't get to see her enough.

The only downfall to the week was that Amelia only wanted me and no one else. I'm not sure what was going on, but it was definitely hard by the end of the week. Luckily, she was much better once we got home. 


  1. Looks like a great trip! Good for you for letting Amelia go for it at the splash park. Liam was the same way with me when we spent a week in BC earlier this summer. I dunno why but man was it challenging.

  2. You have family here in Kamloops?! Such a small world! If you're ever here again we'll have to meet up and let the kids run wild! :)

    I frequently let the girls run wild through the splash park in their clothes. Sometimes it's just easier to deal with soaking-wet kids than saying "no" over and over again, and I think they have extra fun because how often do you get to get your clothes soaked?

  3. I like the last picture, shes like disgusted that her clothes were wet or something! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. I'm glad you guys had a great trip! I would be nervous to do such a long car ride with Sully too! Thank goodness for movies! There were quite a few times when we were in Florida last December that we let Sully go to splash parks or into ocean without a swimsuit/swim diaper. Kids don't care about those things, haha!

  5. That sounds like a great vacation and it looks like Amelia had lots of fun!! That's too bad she only wanted you all week though, I'm sure that got a bit tough by the end. I LOVE Penticton, we used to go for 2 weeks every summer so it has a very special place in my heart :)

  6. Sounds like a great getaway. That is impressive that Amelia did so well on the drive as that is a long time to be in the car! That's tough that Amelia only wanted to you. I'm glad that trend went away when you got home as I am sure that was tough!

  7. Penticton is so nice! Glad Amelia travelled well. It's tough when they only want you but good to hear she is fine now that you are back home.



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